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  1. yeah, i'm steaming pretty bad. he raised every time i was in the BB, finally get a hand and he calls 1/3 of his chips on a coin flip and wins. watching you, take it down
  2. i get 5 10 twice as much as any other hand and only seem to get disconnected when i'm all in. Just plain weird.
  3. Unfortunately, we can play that game all day and at the end, I'm still an accountant without the scientific knowledge to debate you nor the time to acquire it. I have had significant discussions with friends who are doctors, as well as an atheist scientist who literally converted when he came to the realization that my original post centers around: we CANNOT be an accident and that there must be a greater power who had a hand in creating all of this.
  4. In other news, let's get a serious number of FCP folks in here TONIGHT, tournaments are more fun when you have folks to keep track of and cheer on as well.
  5. Some scientists can come up with a way to make it sound plausible that it happenned by chance. I cannot accept that, and a large sect of legitimate science can't either.
  6. To me, the core of my faith breaks down to this:The probability of even the complex protiens in the single celled organisms that some scientists claim we evolved from naturally occuring - even on a timeframe of billions of years - is mathematically about the same as your computer growing a mouth, eating you, and turning into a computer again. In short, it's impossible.Look around, look past the stuff that "pisses you off" about the world and really just sit in nature somewhere and look around. If after serious soul searching you can genuinely say that it all happenned accidentally and you
  7. i am, chat in the client in the tourney's lobby
  8. Yet another of these qualifiers cancelled, 2 in a row. What's the point? If you don't have the people willing to play for these seats, push back the deadline, get some more marketing out there and get some more signups, but it's damn annoying waiting for a satellite that gets cancelled.
  9. 4th in one, 2nd in the other, $430 nightbeats sleeping
  10. still 5th in the other tourney (15 left), in the lobby there now if anyone else is railing to chat
  11. ouch. who raises and calls a re-raise with Q 5 off?? Out in 4th
  12. hopefully the dozens of sit and go's i've played over the last couple weeks will help now
  13. if you're at table teheran, the other is much more exciting, now in the chip lead with 7 left
  14. i have to admit i'm not familiar with that term...
  15. much obliged. moved up to 2nd (13 left) in the larger and fell to 7th (23 left) in the smaller
  16. Both 5.50s, but either would be a huge win for me. Had already read HoH 1, got HoH 2 this week and ... well something helped. I'd love some rail action as i'm frantic trying to finish strong in both. 3rd in chips in one, 11th in the other. I don't know how tables are "named" in FCP to tell you more how to get there other than when you open the one with the lobby i'm in it says mogadischu
  17. to not get sucked out on just outside the money in every MTT in the FCP poker room for a week straightin no way bitter
  18. the chick just applauded herself for laying down a made straight against a flush draw and a set?
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