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  1. Well done CB, how did you manage to do that?
  2. That's a lot! For what it's worth, I think he deserves it.
  3. Looking for updates on Ivey by the way, so far, I can't find any.
  4. Maybe they just saw something in Bennett in such a different perspective. I guess time would tell if they made the right decision.
  5. Family for me. Just check Mike Tyson and you want to live an opposite life.
  6. Agreed, I think something must be done. Probably let him know what he's doing. Probably, he's just unaware of it.
  7. I've seen some of these in the past. I guess this is the perfect definition of saying "the ball is round".
  8. Good one. It helps actually if we get different opinion from others.
  9. Yeah, all kinds of people in Prison and most of them almost want to kill each and everyone.
  10. It's amazing how time flies. I can still vividly remember every play here.
  11. I think that will be the time that you'd budget time and will never think of it the same way again.
  12. I think a player usually asked to be traded happens.
  13. LOL nice one. I guess now people would recognize him!
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