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  1. It's a search and destroy mission, get it right. First the searching, THEN the destroying. Not just wanton destruction for destruction's sake, you gotta seek it out first. You idiots just don't understand mainline America.
  2. Well obviously he's unqualified if he doesn't see the brilliance of this award winning 2x honorable mention screenplay. 21 grossed over 150,000 million worldwide. Also there's T and A.
  3. Hey guys, the original 2p2 thread (which is legendary) can be viewed here: http://web.archive.o...kevin-b-701047/ Gerry Burlage's initial offer for the screenplay back in 2010 was 150,000 + 2% of the profits. Now, it's 25% better, and 50% cheaper! How does that work? Also, there's T and A.
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