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  1. thanks for the edit. thing is about these sites & multiple currency tho, is they gladly accept the deposits ??? confusing & frustrating.
  2. Why are major sites like Bovada & ACR dragging their feet on offering Bitcoin Cashout Options ? They both offer a quick & easy BTC deposit option, but MANY players report not seeing a BTC cashout option. By technology standards, the capability has been around for awhile. Other poker sites, like Nitrogen, and SWC offer it with no known issues. The Isle of Man has just made it legal for sites (including PokerStars) to deal in Bitcoin. Why are these sites not offering this quick & easy cashout option to it's player base ?
  3. so whats the true answer on the question of how much of himself he had ? I thought I read 44% then card player did a blog where they said he had 87% of himself. Figured I would look here for the true facts (not that it's any of my business
  4. I am all for a TD offering a warning to a player, and if that stops offensive behavior, then so bit it. Mission accomplished. On the other hand, Mike Matusow, of all people, should know whats acceptable, and whats not. As much as Poker should remain fun, some behavior at the table should simply not be tolerated......because it's only "fun" for the offending player and a few trolls on the internet. More often than not, I see TD's choose to not get involved in situations, especially ones that involve well known or "popular" players, who they allow to ruin other peoples enjoyment of the g
  5. I was watching a rant on DN's u-tube where he mentioned he has not been playing as many WPT events as he once did. Is there a reason for this decision ?
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