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  1. You have to be sitting near me where I can see your face.
  2. I apologize if you don't like my long winded stories, but as I said, you can always just not read it.
  3. PS: It was not intentional for this forum, Gravatar thing ... my avatar comes from this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wo5FP5ZGge4 Smoking Aces. Good movie. Underated. That kid is the best part though. See the skillz.
  4. At any rate, that's what I have to say about poker "dying". Pros and even just regs like me need to learn to cater to our customers. And I guess that includes how I treat these young "internet" kids that come in with the hoody and the headphones ... I just hate them so much ... they think they are good, and they play like I did 5 years ago. Times have changed. Guess what, old school concepts like "tight is right" and "small ball" all of a sudden ... works pretty well. ABC poker, mixed with bluffing in good spots. Pretty basic, and hard to beat. Read based poker. Has anyone coined that term for
  5. GTO play is more important, and more difficult for most people to understand, but still not that hard for smart people to learn. There are a lot of smart people in the world. What we want is for them to do other things, and we find a way to get dumb people to play, so we maintain an advantage. That's kinda the beauty of Hold 'em though. I trapped some kid on Friday night that hit a 2 outer on the river. I understand that is going to happen, 4% of the time, so instead of berating the kid, I just cursed my bad luck. "A two outer! Damn." and then said nice hand, and won it all back the next h
  6. You can hire some young kid, $60k in student loan debt, fresh out of The Art Institute of X. They will know the software, think $15 an hour is great money ... even worse, you can hire Wordpress developers in India that will work for $3 an hour. At some point, in a global economy, that kind of skilled work, there is always going to be someone that can do it, and is starving more. It's a very similar thing to what I am seeing in poker, right now. Casual gamblers are playing other games, because they are so obviously and quickly outclassed. What's the saying about skinning a cat? You can
  7. Oh ... it gets funnier. About a year after I got hired, Goldman Sachs bought the for profit school I was working for, and on my last day, they asked me to sign a grade change form and pass a student I caught cheating, because she was a good, paying customer. I also helped a graphic design "template" company create content. They sell some of my ex-students work at a rate far below what you can hire them for. I don't deny that I was part of the problem, but I was really in a spot where I needed any work I could get. If it's over ... make something now while I still can. I'm worried poker
  8. Part of my story is, I think Daniel and I have a lot in common. He's one of my favorite famous pros. I used to really like Farha, but I heard from a dealer I know, he stiffed him on a $250k pot that apparently he luckboxed in a side game. So, that drops him way down the list in my book. Daniel seems like a genuinely nice guy, and I really appreciate all the hard work he puts in, so the game has a legitimate good face .... and I also think it's awesome that someone close to my age, just crushed last year. I'm here to let you know, the internet kids have not taken over the live games, which
  9. No. that's my car. I own an extremely rare Mercury Marauder convertible. That's actually what I call it. Unicorn. 1 of 1 car. But we'll get into that later.
  10. I am probably whiter than you, actually. I can trace my last name to a boat from England in 1620. I have more than one ancestor that was on the Mayflower and my great-great-grandfather fought for the Union and wore blue. My parents divorced when I was 10 years old. One of them married a Jewish woman and converted to Judaism. The other one married a black man, who is Bhudist and a (now) retired art teacher. So, I sort of was part of a black family, from Queens NY. I have some pretty funny stories to tell about Christmases there and being the only white person around. I was once engaged to a wom
  11. Well what if I am white, but was adopted by a black family?
  12. Also, it's been a tough transition for me, from a tough tournament player to a solid cash game player, but I finally feel totally comfortable playing cash. It's taken me years. I'm impatient, which can actually be a good attribute in tournaments. P.S. Are you a racist McGee?
  13. Hello everyone! First, I must warn you, I have a tendency to be very long winded. If that bothers you, there's a real simple solution. Don't read it. I guarantee it took me longer to write it than it takes you to read it though. Writing is something that comes easily to me, so I can tend to ramble. I also really enjoy delving into the minutia of a subject and have a "problem" with hyperfocusing on whatever it is that is currently on my plate. I've been banned from 2+2, for no real good reason at all, and I really don't like the "live players suck" attitude that seems to prevail over there,
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