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  1. I got roasted on 4bb for proping the blazers cappy, where's my back-up?!?! too many laker fans on there.nice write and i agree with everything.
  2. For a better understanding...Ok so pretty awesome sweat for me tonight...If Portland wins tonight vs Denver the Blazers get home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs, which means there will be a playoff game saturday. My wife and I just got offered tickets for $120 each that are directly behind the owner of the team, Paul Allen (he sits courtside). But, if Portland doesnt win tonight, that means no playoff game happens Saturday in Portland, which means we cant go to any playoff games the first round because we will be in AZ all next week. What a super sweat tonights game is.And f
  3. ZOMG, just got offered playoff tickets to Saturday's game (if they get home court) 8 rows behind Paul Allen and right where the Blazers come out of the tunnel from the locker room. $120 a piece. Pls pls pls get home court blazers.Edit: For people not from Portland, getting playoff tix is like getting tix to the superbowl when there is only 1000 available to the non-season ticket holder fan.
  4. Also, this makes tonights games a little easier to figure out what happens if who wins/loses...http://blog.oregonlive.com/behindblazersbe.../04/blazers.jpg
  5. Hi,Cappy, are you going to try to get playoff tickets? I only bought the 8-game ticket package this season ( i obv dont have season tix) so Im not elegable for playoff tix unless i camp out. I read on oregonlive that only 1000 tix are going to be available to the public.I just read the thread from Jan til now, my how times and the team has changed.cappy, i think Blake is alot better than you give him credit for. He hits tons of needed shots. he breaks the other teams 7-0 runs, 11-0 runs constantly with a 3. Also, he runs the team really well.Also, I was readying your trade talk. Im not s
  6. Yes, I like the safety dance.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5FqKCO-oKo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5cAwTEEGNE...feature=related
  7. He's prolly in the Gambit intro scene?
  8. What's the avg cost of table and bottle service at one of the nicer/most fun clubs in Vegas? I think ive asked this question before but didnt get an answer.Ive always wanted to get a group together and do this. Do they charge you for the table + additional charge per person at the table?
  9. Or 4 Bet Bluffing threads? wait isnt there.... nevermind
  10. good read and keep running well. How much was that 9 course tasting at the B&B? We debated going there last time we were in town but went to N9NE instead.
  11. After watching the video Im on Zoo's side now
  12. OMG LOL LOL LOL. I just spewed water everywhere. That was out of no where Kurt, lol.
  13. np at all, Lobster said he would make mine for me so no need to keep going with this thread for me. glgl!
  14. Forget doing mine, someone is doing it out of the kindness of their heart. Stake canceled. The thread is yours K2O8
  15. Sweet! I made a thread for a stake to a 4.40 if someone does this for me. I really like Mark's so I will let you do it. Do you want to play in a 4.40? lolCan you use the O symbol that looks like this one and use the black or Oregon duck emerald green for the background?
  16. You hijacked my thread with a bigger stake! Damn you for having the bigger BR!!!!!
  17. I want a custom PS table like Mark's (NoSup4U) seen here...EXCEPT I want it to be the University or Oregon symbol seen here (unless you can find a cooler one) with black or the Ducks emerald green background...Try to make it nicely sized like Mark's symbol is.Im at work til late tonight so cant ship til ~9pm PST tonight. Best one wins. You keep all $ unless you make a FT, then I get 25%, you keep 75% no stake back.
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