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  1. That catch was amazing. He had no idea where the ball was and was just running and then all of a sudden, oh there it is! *snag*
  2. What statistics? Quick google search turned up this quote: JD Ferguson, a former model who now works as a fashion photographer, dispels another myth: "Gay models will go down in history as the biggest misconception about the male modeling world."
  3. The 2nd base/3rd base stuff for the Tigers is what I had no idea about. But now do that for the Rangers. Mitch Moreland played 140 games at first for the Rangers and had a .299 OBP. And it looks like DH was a bit of a revolving door with Lance Berkman getting the most starts there with about 60 games. What does their big 2B prospect project to be next year?
  4. Why do you assume they're gay? So what happens when you hit your goal for "this round?" Do you take a break? Change what you're doing?
  5. I think if someone is going to complain about their weight, I should be able to point out things like that.
  6. But I already said it was a good deal for the Tigers because it puts them in a good position to improve their team. I am evaluating the trade in a vacuum right now. I think this deal has improved the Rangers more than the Tigers. Projecting what else they will do would not be evaluating it in a vacuum, right? Why are things in a vacuum? Why do you think the Tigers are improved right now? Who is losing his job at second base and who is getting the job at third?
  7. Um...yes. But now I'd like to amend my first statement to read, "I don't remember ever hearing anyone use 'buffalo' as a way to say 'bully.'"
  8. Regarding the money thing. You can certainly still overpay players, but sometimes that's a necessary evil. The Rangers need a big bat; where can they get one?
  9. Kinsler has been kind of terrible away from Arlington. How much do you factor that in? And I can change my mind about the trade if the Tigers take that money and do something good with it. Right now, I don't think the Tigers are better. But they could be. It's like the Pistons creating all this cap space and then spending it on Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva. Payroll flexibility is a great thing to have, but it matters how you use it. Obviously I would have more faith in Dombrowski than Dumars, but still.
  10. Don't worry about drinking those 1300 calories.
  11. That would be a weird thing to lie about.
  12. Well, I don't have that kind of money, but the Rangers are loaded. Does it matter if Fielder wouldn't get that kind of money anymore as long as it doesn't impact your financial decisions going forward? And it's really 7/140 because the Tigers are sending $30m to the Rangers.
  13. Probably say the Rangers because they got the better player. The Tigers move Fielder, which means they don't have to play three DH's anymore. That's probably a good thing, but I don't know who they have to play third base. Do they currently have a good replacement or do they have to look elsewhere? But the Rangers move their second baseman and they've already got a great prospect ready (hopefully) to fill that void and they get a massive upgrade to first base. So I think the Tigers are putting themselves in a great position to improve their team with this deal, but I think the R
  14. I've never actually heard someone use the word "buffalo" as a substitute for "bully."
  15. I think the trade made sense for both teams, while acknowledging that the Tigers clearly gave up the better player.
  16. I believe this would be the conclusion: D'Brickashaw ‏@DragonflyJonez Long story short. Dan took a hyperbolic tweet where we were clowning Sports Science and presented it as fact and now SVG thinks I'm a idiot. D'Brickashaw ‏@DragonflyJonez So Lebatard, the master troll of all trolls, got trolled. And SVG hates my twitter name and recommended Dan unfollow me
  17. Have you guys listened to Wednesday's show yet? Anybody here follow @DragonflyJonez on Twitter? I know Essay doesn't because Dragonfly is black. So on Twitter he was making fun of the Sports Science segments and he tweeted something like "Calvin Johnson has a 14 foot wing span" and Dan apparently read it on the radio like it was a true statement. Then Stan said you need to never read his tweets again. Now Dragonfly is talking about it on Twitter. There's no real point to this post except that I wish I knew more context. And you should follow Dragonfly (or "D'Brickashaw")
  18. Category: The Porn Industry Needs To Get In On This
  19. Alright, nobody deserved a second chance. Let's do this.
  20. Come on, Ocho, just admit you don't know anything about Mexican food.
  21. It's actually roastbeeef. With an extra E. I wonder if it was a typo when he signed up and that's why he only has five posts. So he signs up, posts a little, next day tries to log back in and it keeps telling him his username is wrong. "My name is roastbeef! I use this everywhere; it's not wrong!" Also, it turns out there is a member named Capt Roastbeef. I wonder if that's the same guy. Finally comes back to the forum, but since he can't log into his roastbeeef account, he decides to upgrade his status to Captain. Anyway, roast beef.
  22. I think I liked it when it was posted a year ago.
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