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  1. I thought you meant you weren't going to forget them so you could crush them later.
  2. I would like to note that I actually liked this post when it was cut off mid sentence before you edited in the sex stuff. But I'm not taking away the like in light of this new information.
  3. Did he ever tell us about his special birthday surprise? Was it even for his birthday or was it just a special surprise?
  4. You voted for Ron. I wrote it down.
  5. It's in the last 6 minutes of Wednesday's show. It's pretty funny that Dan actually thought Calvin Johnson could have a 13 foot wing span. Wednesday's show in general was a lot of fun. I like Stugotz's Hot Sports Topics of the Day.
  6. Ron Mexico - 6 (InternetExplorer, TommyGavin81, Essay21, Misti Blue, BigDMcGee, David Sklansky) David Sklansky - 11 (Napa Don, JubilantLankyLad, Tiltinagain, ShakeZuma, Theraflu, Ron Mexico, The Ocho, iBeaver, The Machine, brvheart, NickCave)
  7. Yes! The Breaking Madden series is so good. Have you read the others in the series? If you haven't, read this one next: http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2013/9/11/4710566/peyton-manning-madden-giants
  8. I'm going to leave the vote up there for now because that's an amazing collection of names that voted against Ron.
  9. David Sklansky is voted off the forum by an official vote of 11-6. (Please don't leave.) Ron Mexico is the FCP Survivor Champ.
  10. Remember remember the 7th of December. That's it, right? The day JFK was assassinated.
  11. And now badd2daabone! Both badd and laffin registered on November 1st this year.
  12. Does it seem to anyone else that Napa knows an inordinate amount of unavailable hot women?
  13. Hey Napa, do you think you could **** his wife?
  14. Act like I'm not in total control of this thing again and I'll vote you off.
  15. http://deadspin.com/jameis-winston-isnt-the-only-problem-here-an-fsu-teac-1467707410
  16. Anybody got any reasoning for their vote? On one hand, I think Ron and I share a lot of the same sensibilities. On the other hand, Sklansky is over here opening up whole new worlds to me. I don't know what that has to do with this game really. Sklansky took a "protect Essay" strategy while Ron has gone after Essay. Ultimately though, if I view this as a competition where the loser must literally leave the forum, I would be affected more if Ron left. So I'm voting Sklansky out.
  17. Seriously though, what do you think they saw in Jason Vargas that made them think, "We gotta lock this guy up for four years?"
  18. Rany Jazayerli ‏@jazayerli 48s FOUR YEARS?! Jonah Keri ‏@jonahkeri 12s Lorde have mercy! RT @Royals The #Royals have signed free agent LHP Jason Vargas to a four-year contract.
  19. Rany Jazayerli ‏@jazayerli 1m You're kidding, right? Please tell me you're kidding. RT @JeffPassan: Sources: Royals sign LHP Jason Vargas. Was seeking a three-year deal. Haha. I hope that's it.
  20. Jonah Keri: http://www.grantland.com/blog/the-triangle/post/_/id/83340/why-the-prince-fielder-ian-kinsler-megadeal-is-a-smart-trade-for-both-the-tigers-and-rangers
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