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  1. If brevity is truly the soul of wit, I will retire to bedlam. FCP, the internets answer to CNN
  2. I will try to go, only if to punch out a BLM moron.
  3. so, in the sixties, the civil rights bill got passed caused the republicans overcame democratic filibusters to pass it. Blacks then decided to put theselves in the pockets of the dems for forty years, so how exACTLY HAS THAT WORKED OUT FOR THEM. bY THE WAY i AM A NEO NAZI WITH machiavellin sympathies. So dont accuse me of being a coservative swill. Have a nice day. Caps and misspellings are not intentional. I just dont give a shit.
  4. And I always thought if your stock goes up, your wealth goes up. Learn something new every day.
  5. Yes, how hilarious would it be if trump was only worth 900 million, not a billion or more. Poor dude, how does he stretch it out. seriously tho, since much of his wealth is in real estate and business, small fluctuations in interest rates, and the stock market, can cause huge swings in wealth. He may be worth 2 billion on monday, but a bad stock week may drop him under a billion, and vice versa
  6. I had no idea mussolini was into tweeting anything, much less a retweet.
  7. I cant believe trump missed a glorious oppurtunity to run a smackdown on cruz. When cruz challenged trump to a mano -mano debate anyplace anytime before the debate, trump shoulda accepted, and said the debate between us, will run concurently to the debate. Cruz woulda had to back off. AS far as hillary goes, the time has come to lok the devil in the eye and send her to hell where she belongs.
  8. If you are sarcasaming here, it went over my head. Socialism and sucking off of other countries money is wat happened to greece.
  9. No way the US would allow this to happen.
  10. I upped my bid to 250 dollars, then they threw that bid and i had to fold.
  11. Bwahaaaa, yea, well off white people is the problem with this country. Not lazy ass welfare families, or 7o% minority families with no apparent father in the picture.Maybe we could emulate a typical african nation that has very few well off white people.
  12. There are surely things a little outdated, but Id be terrified to open up a constitutional convention. Especially how divided this country is right now.
  13. Please explain your thinking that the constitution is outdated. In what way and why?
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