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  1. Since neither one of you knuckleheads can contribute to the conversation, I will not disappoint you. That being said, it looks like this new site is the same as Betonline.
  2. Just got word through the poker vine that a new site, Full Flush poker, on the Equity Poker Network (EPN) is up and going. They do accept US players and have some good free rolls coming soon. Here is a link to the story on it; http://pokerfuse.com...launches-09-09/ Might want to check it out, as if you're in the US, you are probably poker starved, right? http://www.fullflushpoker.com/
  3. Well, this explains the ego tude against the FCOTD rule, lol.
  4. Just when I thought you were going to use your words, you post the picture again. You must really like it, so I have to ask - do you tie it to a doorknob when you use it, or does your boyfriend have control of the other end? Either way, be careful; we would not want you to go out like David Carradine. Oh, who am I kiddin, go right ahead! BTW, I forgot to ask....
  5. Well, thanks so much for spelling this all out for us. For me it's still more an issue of who wants to wait, for someone who should be seated and ready to go, when they are not. There is just no reason they cannot get up after folding action to do whatever they need to, and get back into the chair in time. If that costs you by having AA mucked, then you ought to learn better time management during the game. I should think in that respect, it will affect players who attempt to play two MTT games at once most of all, correct? Maybe that is partially why Mercier would have a problem with it?
  6. As if any comedic legends will be knocking down your door anytime soon for the rights to use the rope picture. Just in case, would they have to pay the entire KKK or just you, a nickel each time they use it? Be sure you ask at your next meeting. OMG! I just noticed - you used your W-O-R-D-S for a change! Good boy! Your Dacle (Dad-uncle, did I get it right? Or is it Unc-addy?) would be so proud; if only they had internet access in prison, he could see how far you have come!
  7. Sorry, but BigDMcGee's mom/sister (Mosis? Sisom?) was just a one night stand, so I didn't save the picture she gave me. I mean, who wants to be reminded of getting crabs? Although if I ever want to save money, having that picture in my wallet, so it can be the first thing seen when I open it up, would be a good way to do it.
  8. Can you spell that without spellcheck, or pronounce it without hearing someone else do so first? Lets check your webcam....lets see who you are..... Ah, yes, thought so. Congrats on 7,098. Looking forward to 7,099, or you getting a life. Or a part in play that needs that cool looking hoodie you got.
  9. No, I get that. Yet you cannot weed out the honest from the dishonest so easily, right? So, you make a blanket rule. Sucks, but there it is. Those NOT stalling get caught up in it as well. Plus, I just do not believe he was not pushing the envelope on purpose. He has raged on and on about this rule, which does not help that impression. Also, anytime someone has to make close calls for a living, some are going to go correctly, some not - as he just found out. Still, he certainly could have simply stood up facing the table, right in between his chair and his spot at the table (verses behind
  10. Watch this; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qli7YjwNhyo Now, tell me he wasn't delaying the game on purpose. Does anyone seriously think he did not know he had to show the camera his cards? Was this Trans first game? What I am saying is that some players will do just about anything to delay. They want to pressure the shorter stacks, and you always hear complaints of this being done. So, I doubt the rule just popped up out of thin air. You have to try to cut off the options for players who will do this. Not saying DN is delaying the game on purpose, but I just do not think it's too much
  11. Well, my computer crashed before I could finish editing my post, so you responded before I did so. Go back and reread my response. As I am from the semi-south, I am aware of the type.
  12. Ah yes, yet another verbally challenged forum member.
  13. At least I can write, not just post a pic of the inbred hall of fame all time problem solver. Spare me slick; you're just upset I called out your boy. Get over it. And for gods sake, do something about your family tree; it looks odd with only one branch.
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