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  1. They really need to make more durable mouses, one time i threw it across the room and hit the couch, bounced off couch and landed on carpeted floor and that was it... no more mouse haha
  2. Started this in another forum and I wanted to get FCP take on it - Not that ive done any of these things of course but have you - - thrown mouse across the room - yelled at your dog - PMS on your gf or wife - hit something - 10x or jam next hand lol just to name a few. whos on tilt reading this right now?? haha input, stories?
  3. i would joke with people and say it was a sport. but it is not and this pretty much sums it up as to why lol
  4. theres a lot of options for US players, no its not stars but at least you can get your fix in and play a decent amount of games
  5. ive tried all the US sites and right now tbh, each one has a different niche. If you want dealt rb you rock the cake network. if your a mass grinder i say go for beast on wpn. but you see where im getting at, bottom line is the games arent plentiful but they are soft.
  6. heads up for the guys using skrill....there is going to be a BIG promotion soon, so keep your eyes open
  7. if anyone has more info on bitcoins or can link me to anything pertaining to this site it would be nice to hear from you. i am def interested
  8. i been playing for years and i just learned this not too long ago ... sigh
  9. can we bring this thread back to life.... i want to vent my frustrations on boxing today!
  10. go back to the basics, focus and things will get better. variance bro
  11. im having this same problem rt now hahaha but you just have to keep at it and play optimal
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