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  1. They interviewed James Woods on espnnews yesterday (he's in the tourney) and I think the graphic said the prize pool was $1.5 million, with $500K for the winner.
  2. After messing around at Party and Pokermountain, I now play exclusively micros at Stars. Just graduated off .02/04 last night and will start out at .05/.10 later tonight. I've decided if I'm going to play online, it's only going to be build a bankroll from scratch and I'm not messing with the rest of it. Party let me cash out that $50 they gave me, plus what I earned, right away, which was cool. Free money is good. Pokermountain I may come back to someday, but too few players, too few games, players are better than me so, like Daniel told the Matador, "I think I can find a better spot." Still
  3. There are lots of possibilities for poker players hosting SNL. I can just imagine the monologues:Mike Matusow: "Thank you for being here for Saturday Night Live. But of course, you're in the audience. (heckles). Hey, stop messing around with me buddy. I got big huge cajones, you got little little cajones. You mess with me I'm going to come up there and bust you!"Sam Farha: "Thank you for letting me host Saturday Night Live. How about that Moneymaker? Bluff of the century? That was the worst play ever! It only looked good because I made it look good. Give me another chance, I'll bust him in one
  4. If you are winning hug pots, you got bigger issues than monitor size.(I'm kidding. I kid.)
  5. Generally playing 4 tables at a time, I accept that there are going to be 1 or 2 misclicks in a session. It happens. Happened twice tonight - once I raised with Q-9 off, flop paired the 9, I bet out and everyone folded. The other time, I had raised with A-K off, got callers and the flop came Q-Q-9. It was bet and raised before it got to me, but I folded on accident knowing none of that. Turned out not to be bad (a full house won the hand), and I *hope* that's what I would have done had I actually been making a decision.
  6. In the tournament series that I play in, we put a bounty on the previous winner (even though in most cases, the game itself being played changes). It's a fun thing but once the tourney starts, I haven't really noticed anyone actually thinking about it. Maybe that's because it isn't much money at all, but it doesn't seem to affect anyone's play. But yeah, on PM, when Daniel goes all-in, there's more callers than you'll find on WFAN after the Jets lose.
  7. I started doing something similar after busting out of some tourneys on Stars - including 3 Negreanu Opens just out of the money. Took $12 and headed out to the short-season rookie league of poker, .02/.04 limit. Will play Session #16 tonight and start at $29.79, so hopefully with any sort of win tonight, I'll be moving up to the Florida State League of poker, .05/.10, next session.To put it in perspective, it's taken me about 15 sessions, approx. 4100 hands and 84 table hours to get to this point. In the 15 sessions, 13 have been up, 2 were down.Favorite hand of the run came last night. I had
  8. They sent me $20 on two occasions as it turned out, but I never logged in to notice, so they took it back out and came back with the $50. Maybe I should have waited til they went for $100.
  9. Yeah, they did the same for me. 65,000 players and they are sending people $50. lol
  10. Good post Smash, it really does happen to everyone. Most people forget that.
  11. Go die in an oil fire you spamming piece of roadkill.
  12. Of note, TJ has bracelets (he won one in Razz this past year), but no, he hasn't won the Main Event.Mickelson won The Masters last year.
  13. I first saw it on espn.com, where HST was a columnist on and off since about 2000.
  14. Hunter S. Thompson is one of those few people whom upon his entry into the after-life, the powers that be will sit him down and ask him all about his surroundings and his times, instead of the other way around.
  15. Raising the minimum is what I picked, because I was the first one to respond and "push all-in" wasn't an option on the poll at that point!
  16. At one point last night, TJ was signed up for a $20, $25, $30, and $50 tournament at once. Don't know if he ended up getting games in all of them, but he did his best to play with as many people as possible. I think that was pretty cool. Someone questioned his play in one of the tourneys I watched and TJ's response was: "Take your best shot." .... I'm sure he was playing fairly normally.
  17. I think I would raise. The small blind is probably going to fold, thinking that if a battle breaks out between me and the BB, I might go broke and he can back into a higher spot with no risk. The BB may be thinking that I'm stealing and call with Q-10, K-J, or even Kx or Qx. I can't see a scenario where you get 2 callers, and I'm not sure that you'll get re-raised, so I probably got the Ace heads up and even if I was pushed all-in on a re-raise by the BB, I'd probably make my stand right there.
  18. Nah, not saying your wrong at all. Everyone has their way to play, whatever works for them. It's just to me, if there's a raise, and that many callers, somebody has a pocket pair, and if mine is that low, there's a good chance I ain't going to win that battle (and never mind the crackhead in Seat 4 that calls the 2 bets with 8-3 spades and has a flush on the turn to bust everyone). :)The one argument on the other way around there is at micro limits especially, you'll see a lot of fully checked flops after a pre-flop round like that, so you *could* get a free second shot at hitting your set, bu
  19. Yeah, it can happen. I was frustrated last night during a .50/1 session on Party because I had dropped $20 in literally the first 10 minutes (KK took a bad beat, couple missed draws, etc.). I thought I was doomed. Winning 1 hand drew me level.If you are playing well at those limits, you are going to take in so much more when you win than you give out when you feel like you are "running bad." I've had a session in AC playing 2-4 where I won 7 pots in 8 hours, and left $50 up. You must be doing something right to be able to hit that number at the limits you were playing. Great work.
  20. In that situation, where you have an early raiser and so many callers, I would actually fold 22, 33, etc., rather than call 2 bets cold. You are a vast underdog to hit your set to start with ... you can also almost safely assume someone else has a pocket pair which, by default, will be higher than yours. That means even on the flop, there's two other cards that don't make your set that will make someone else's. Not to mention the two cards to come. You could make your set, and end up losing quite a bit to the dude that called or raised with even 66 or 77.Yes, you would win a lot if you hit you
  21. Didn't knock out Daniel from the tourney I was in, though I did make a horrendous 60-chip call of his all-in, needing a 4 to complete a gutshot straight, hoping to pick up the bounty. It missed, but on the bright side, I won the tourney he had been in, so I'll take that for a weekend highlight anytime!Good crowd over there tonight, fun to play with and talk to everyone.Ed "Bandit"
  22. Lou Diamond Phillips is still alive? Seriously?He's like the Troy McClure of the real world.
  23. I turned all the images off when I started on Stars. Just found it all too distracting.
  24. Smash, you mention raising AJ off on the button, which I certainly wouldn't argue with. What's your thought on raising it from EP? This has been an issue for me lately - raising it early but missing most often. Given the double gap and no suits, I don't know if it's better to call (say UTG or UTG +1), or whether a raise is still appropriate.
  25. Bust TJ out of a Bellagio Prelim - win a Jacket!
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