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  1. If you are trying to withdraw less than $150, swiftly kick yourself in the balls.
  2. There is nothing wrong with that as far as the rules of poker go, there was a side pot after all. This is just one of those grey areas. If the folder is not as good of friends with everyone as BB and the short stack, its a little shady, but if everyone is friends, I think its ok(buy in and prize pool could change this). It's like playing at a casino on a table full of friends that check hands down continuously, Its not wrong, just gay and annoying.
  3. I think this is just a huge donk move. FPS is fancy playing a hand (as the acronym states). You just shoved (more or less) into 5 limpers in a LIVE $65 tourney. Low buy in live tourney players will call you with kj or q 10 soooted here all day, so you are basically shoving a shitty hand where you have no fold equity. Terrible, although it would work online.
  4. Why does your "drink a few beers and relax" game make you want to give up?oh yea, sorry, but this is obligatory: maybe you should e-mail them and they will give you your buy in back. They have done this for me in the past.
  5. I sincerely feel sorry for you. You should e-mail them, and maybe they will give you half the pot back.
  6. Does anyone have a link to tourneys in august at the horseshoe, gold strike, and the grand. thinking about a weekend trip. thanks.
  7. Since its early, and no one is folding, the turn check to make a hand before you bet is correct imo. Later in a tourney, if opponents are able to fold (which on this board is not likely) a push is possibly better. 2c. Shittiest river ever though.
  8. t54105397 deepstackt54848315 $10 1801st in both, running strong
  9. Im at work so I dont have pstars software, or I would have obviously done that. I couldnt find it on the website. Thanks for the answer.
  10. I can't find them on the website, do you know what time?
  11. Is there a $5-$10 2-7 lowball draw tourney on stars ever? thanks.
  12. I think that you really need a good read in order to do anything than fold, which is where I am leaning. Main things to think about are 1. has he done this before? (what is his aggro level) 2. How tight is his calling range (QQ+, AK most likely)? What does this 3900 bet mean? he didnt want to click twice on the bar to make it 3x, which means that he wants a call (IMO) unless this is his standard raise. I make these goofy raises most often with a good hand. The opposite thinking would be that he can fold for less in there preflop if he gets popped. So, this is just as read dependent. so if he f
  13. Ive played in a few. Live tourney structure is pretty bad anywhere you go. If you play you better chip up early. The rebuys at ameristar give a little more play. Just take the donks money at 3/6 or 1/2 nl. Those games are redonkulous on the weekends.
  14. Just because someone takes a stake doesnt mean they are broke, it is an investment for the staker on the playing ability of the stakee
  15. I think you may want to re-post this question in the mtt strat or on 2+2, general is going to give you good advice very seldom.
  16. If I get lower than $500 due to a horrific run or withdraw/rebuild time, I play the $4.40 180 man tourneys, they are time-consuming, but have an insane roi. Taking shots at the $10 180s is fine in here too on a good day. The $3r turbo sats are a good bankroll builder as well, if you dont mind getting the $T (you will be playing tourneys anyway, no?) This is semi-strict bankroll management, but unless you want to reload, you are going to need to adhere to some sort of discipline. the $10 45s and $5 45s also are beatable. I stay was from turbos, but the $6.50 45 man turbos would be good for you
  17. i would thank whatever god it is you pray to.
  18. I just started playing a bit more cash games, mostly omaha hi/lo, and need to get some kind of software to track my results. Is pokertracker the best? Are there cheaper alternates? I dont mind dropping the $55 if it is worth it. any input? thanks.
  19. I am going to play 3/6 lO8 at the casino by my apartment. This is gonna be the first live lo8 ive ever played, and was wondering how B&m plays compared to online cash games, is it like hold 'em , where games play much softer? I know every casino is different but generalizations here are fine. Also, the game is a full kill, so sitting with $200 is okay? Finally, any links to good lo8 high low articles on 2+2 or P5 would be awesome. thanksDidn't get to play in vegas.
  20. 25bb? wouldn't that be closer to $250 then? Edit: im retarded. I'm gonna sit with $200. thanks though
  21. The ameristar casino in st charles (near st. louis) apparently spreads a 3/6 lo8 game with a full kill on mondays and wednesdays. I was wondering what I should sit with as i plan on playing next monday. Unsure, but for the purpose of this thread, assume about half the hands will be at 6/12. I sit with 120 at 3/6 lhe, and figured 300 would be ok for the lo8 game. any input?
  22. I was in a similiar situation a few weeks ago (check my posts for the thread) I don't play cash games, but was breaking even for a couple months, but felt I was playing good. I read over shaundeebs 180 guide on 2+2 and some of HOH. I plugged a big 180 leak and had a 1k week (which I blew on a pre-planned trip to Vegas). I think some big keys are: 1)you AREN'T losing (obv good) and 2)It could just be a leak and/or variance. Take a day or two off and think about your game would be my advice, plug some holes, and most importantly: WIN MORE KEY COINFLIPS.
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