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  1. My theory on this kind of stuff has always been:If something makes one party in the relationship uncomfortable -- rational or not -- then the other party should make every effort to respect those wishes. If the request is too big an inconvenience or would cause the imposed-upon party too much anguish/anxiety/trouble, then that party has to make a decision as to whether or not to go forward with the behavior, and take responsibility for the consequences. The girlfriend knows it's going to bother the boyfriend if she goes backstage with the rappers, and she knows this, so -- EVEN IF THE BOYFRI
  2. Yah, but did you get a hoodpass? Did any of them pull out a cell phone, place an imaginary phone call to the President, and inform him that you had been given a hoodpass?I didn't think so, but that's still pretty awesome. I was playing at the Ghetto Intramural Building in Ann Arbor once, and had to flee because me and my teammates were the only 5 white guys in the entire building. We were about to get the shit kicked out of us by 20 blacks, at least 3 of which (notice I used "which" and not "whom," here) were wearing jeans and no shirt. Before we made it out, there was some semi-serious gh
  3. 2 things:1) I am most certainly a grower. I have a baby dick.2) I am not strong in the length department, but am apparently reasonably girthy. I think, as of last measurement, I top out around 6.5ish or so from base to tip (ignoring the banana curve, obviously). 3) It is very likely that my penis is larger than Matthew Lillard's, which is pretty much all that is keeping me sane and alive right now.Fine. 3 things.
  4. I've only had multiple encounters with one swallower. She was a total tramp. Maggie was a whole different animal than I'd ever encountered. She'd let me finish, and then run to the bathroom and (I assume) spit there. Once I locked the bedroom door in a different fashion than usual, just because I thought it'd be hilarious when she couldn't get the door open. She made this panicked "hrmmm!" sound that was kinda cute... (sigh) I watched this with Maggie for the first time. I laughed really hard at the "I want to B my L on her Ts" line. Guapo made a comment from that movie the evening befo
  5. I briefly considered just letting it go, but on the off chance you guys thought that last post had even a shred of sincerity to it:Fuck all of you mouth-breathers.
  6. I think a prayer would be more appropriate. I'd just like to say that, in this trying time, I am glad to know that every obstacle is simply a challenge issued by Him. He rewards my faith in Him by having faith in me. After all, I am meant for great things in this life.
  7. I just heard an Of Montreal song in a Comcast commercial, and a few weeks ago when I was Christmas shopping I heard a different one at a local Macy's in the mall. Both were from Hissing Fauna.... Okay.
  8. It looks like NJ is going to get blown out of the gym. I wish I'd let it ride...
  9. Some of the other consensus data was muddy. I didn't put a ton of time in today, and I'm trying to splash around as little as possible. The edges here have to be small. I had -102 on NJ +6, so when I saw NO-5.5 +109, I figured that overlay was huge enough to make the scalp pretty much my best option, especially considering my decreasing confidence in the play. I've got a 3.5% overlay, plus the chance of it landing on 6 and getting a push/win, so I'll take it. You're welcome, Poppy. You can put me up in Los Angeles for a few days when I'm stone broke in a few years. Sound good?
  10. I should edit this. I mean to say that it's one of my favourite jokes.
  11. Yeah, give me a while though? I've got some thoughts, but I'm really busy right now*, so it might take me some time. No secrets. If I were really scared of protecting my methods, would I have made this thread in the first place? I'm not playing the Lakers. I didn't look at all the consensus data before making my leans list, and the line looked pretty high for a game on a neutral site. After checking SIA, Carib, vegasinsider etc, it looks like the books aren't going to need the Lakers or anything, so: pass.I also didn't add on to my smallish early-action NJ play, since it looks like the ac
  12. I should edit this. I mean to say that it's one of my favorite jokes.
  13. This is one of the 10-20 best jokes I've ever made. I've got a plan involving the original joke and a post office, but it will be some time before I figure out how it should come together perfectly.Also, Cindy, your gift is getting better and better. You won't get it until April, prolly, but it'll have at least 60 hours of work put into it. I wish I were joking.
  14. I understand. Instead of paying attention in my accounting class this evening I will be (a) be (irony alert!) accounting for my gambling/bookmaking from the past week and (b) formulating a response
  15. I just went back and read my crappy blog in its entirety. Since I quit drinking and carousing, I have become so much... ugh, I was so much more fun back then. I was more INTERESTING. I kinda expected the writing of my constantly booze-addled mind to be rife with barfy nonsense, but it wasn't as bad as I feared. In fact, some of it (a very small portion, like 5% or less) was actually readable, and good enough from my own perspective to be reprintable. I used to go to bars and engage people.Now I sit at home and watch LOST, in preparation for the season premiere. That would be okay if it w
  16. I just had this shuffle sequence, which I thought I would share, because I appreciate stochastic coincidence.The Knife- HeartbeatsAnnie- HeartbeatJose Gonzalez- Heartbeats(3 songs)Led Zeppelin- Heartbreaker(2 songs)Annie- Two of HeartsDid I use stochastic correctly in my opening sentence? Any stats junkies willing to help me out?Wang
  17. My metaphorical wang has never shimmered so brightly, so magnificently Jon, as it has today, as it has been every day since The Event. The phrase "Life is Too Short" gets a lot of play. I, for one, use it all the time, as the lead-in to a point I'm trying to make, or an ex post facto rationalization. Until now, I'm not sure if I really believed it, though. I mean, I understood, abstractly that, yes, I will die. But now I know. In death there are no regrets, but, in the moments before, they pile up like split atoms.Also: the new Bon Iver EP is good. Shake? I'm looking at you.
  18. I'm not sure into how much detail I'm willing to go here just yet, but I have come to a conclusion re: My Favorite Song of All Time that is both disturbing and... I don't know, some other word that implies "relief" and "freedom" and "stuff."Beyonce- "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)"It is my death and my rebirth, my representative Phoenix. There was a car accident and an impossibly-placed snow-bank and a brief, terrifyingly peaceful moment in which I was certain my existence was just about to come to an end. "Single Ladies" was blaring on my system (read: broke-ass speakers) before the acci
  19. Sometimes at night I think about: what if Mr. Zimmerlin is actually "Zimmer4141?" Wouldn't that be outrageous? That Zimmer just created this semi-boring, Subway-eating personality so he could come back with Mr. Zimmerlin -- pretty much revealing his real identity in his alter-ego's name -- and nobody would ever suspect the twain are actually one and the same?Just in case, I feel like I have to throw it out there, even though everybody already knows who Zimmerlin is.
  20. It just slays me that Randy chimes in there with a well-timed "omg" right before the hand-summary kicks off.
  21. Mac:I don't want to give you my buggy, newer version, but if you want a copy of my old excel spreadsheet, PM me your email address and I'll send it to you.
  22. Yeah, after I made the BoomerBang post, I noticed that and decided I shouldn't say anything because: if it's alive it will get me.
  23. J-Dub just looks... so Canadian. I don't remember him being that Canuck-ish (are all Canadians Canucks? or just people from certain provinces [Vancouver?]?). Perhaps it's the beard? I do not remember the beard from previous pictures.So I work on Superbowl Sunday, but when I clock out I'm going to Will's house. Will is black. All of his friends are black. Character like "Swiff" and "Dub" (I thought his name was "Doug" for a very long time, until Will politely corrected me) will be there. Somebody PLEASE remind me to bring a camera. I don't own a digital camera, but I think I'd like to
  24. I can't stop staring at the boomerang hanging over the Family Room mirror.
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