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  1. im a loyal oregon fan and i wouldent put a nickel on this game, oregon does not want to be there, they got jobbed out of a major bowl, look what happened to cal last yearThis is a good point, but I don't think Oregon feels nearly as slighted as Cal did last year, and Cal played a decent but low-profile team.Oregon got a pretty big name draw in Oklahoma, and will be eager to take advantage of the chance to show their chops in a big national audience game. Besides: Oklahoma is just atrocious.Wang
  2. Wang: "You mean like this?"Yeah, of course. What else would I mean?Wang: (shrug) "I'm new. How should I know?"This isn't funny, and it's just proof that you've got a ridiculous amount of time to waste on a Saturday afternoon.Wang: "Fuck you. I'm drunk."You're stupid, and your name is stupid, and I hate you.Wang
  3. I think arguments can be made for the following songs:1) Satisfaction- Rolling Stones2) Sympathy for the Devil- Rolling Stones3) Anything by Led Zeppelin- Led Zeppelin4) Nothing by Slipknot- SlipknotWang
  4. I think my biggest weakness is my tendency to respond to too many situations with too much aggression, too often.That being said, I've been trying to slow down in situations like this. In the past, I'd tell myself the same thing you would: "No way he's got a 3. Pop it." This is GOOD in situations where your hand's a small favorite or a dog, but bad when you're a huge favorite, for the reasons you outlined above. When I'm playing online, I just think to myself, "What do I want to happen?" I slow down, take my time, and force myself to run through the scenarios.Sometimes I miss them, but I'
  5. im listening to del the funky homospien becuase of the discussion i saw about it in a different thread i think. good stuff. i also listen to cannibal ox a lot, waiting for their next cd to come out. and i listened to atmosphere earlier today."The plan is planned into everyone of my thousand robotsWe will not hesitateWe will destroy the homosapiensPlease, stay where you areI wanna develop a supervirusBetter by far then that old y 2 kThis 3030 the time of global unification break right through theyterminals, burn em allSlaves to siliconCurupt politicians with leaders and thier keywordsF.B.I and
  6. The odds of spiking a jack on the flop aren't very good at all. We're calling 4 bets cold, here. -EV, even if we're living in implied odds paradise
  7. ...my handle is Shimmering Wang. I think I'm pretty much starting off on the wrong foot with any moderaters anyway.Ice
  8. 1) I am a hypocrite, and I'm comfortable with it. Doesn't change the veracity of a single of my comments2) You admitted you hadn't listened to all of it, but "probably" listened to most of it. You don't even know. Which leads me to doubt your credibility... Then again, I'm a hypocrite, so I'm not the best person to comment on credibility problems, eh?3) I'm pretty sure when you hit that caps lock key, the voice in your head got louder. It means you're yelling. Cool it, hepcat. I read you loud and clear. 4) "The Jack" just started playing on my iTunes shuffle. You don't have to yell at
  9. I'm Dave Coulier, with a box of Kleenex in my hands, weeping hysterically, listening to "Glory Days."So, actually, I'm both.Wang
  10. I don't mind it. I'm too loose from the BB, but I'm anal about defending.It's probably a little loose, but if you play okay after the flop, you can probably get a little bit of value from it, maybe.wang
  11. I spoke too soon. I'll rephrase."An unusually high number of people from Missouri..."Wang
  12. My response is that life in prison is a burden on society. The cost to house them is a burden. The cost to feed them is a burden. The manpower to guard them is a burden. The cost of their lifelong appeals is a burden. The need to use that square footage of prison is a burden. The small risk of their escape is a burden. All this for what? So they can exist. Already been said, but it's actually more efficient to house them than kill them. It costs more (see the studies earlier in the thread) to go through the entire execution process, on average, than to imprison someone for life. So t
  13. Was it the Chiefs thing? Did you take that personally? It was the Chiefs thing, wasn't it? I knew it. Everyone from Missouri is very sensitive about the Chiefs. "I know you are, but what am I?!"Whatever, Francis.Wang
  14. no, this is wrong. Raising KJo in a short handed game is standard and should be done all the timeI didn't say not to.It just sucks. It's a crappy hand to play. I hate it. I'm sure I clearly stated that I play it the exact same way.Raising KJ0 just sucks, and fills me with a little dread. Not as much dread as knowing I might have to, for example, fuck a fat chick, but less dread than, say, having to clean my apartment.Misunderstanding's cleared upWangWang
  15. Haha, no; I have no problem if you like the music or not. I couldn't care less what tunes smoke your weiner.I just think it's ignorant to engage in an (admittedly) uninformed bashing of the discs if you ain't even spun'em. Spin'em a few times, then bash'em. That's the process.It would be me like saying, "The Chiefs are terrible, and Larry Johnson couldn't hold Chris Warren's jockstrap" without ever watching them play. Or maybe watching them once or twice. I don't like hiphop that much either, but there's always the occassional artist that strikes my fancy. Kanye's on that list, along wit
  16. I wouldn't be calling 1.5 cold as OOP as you can possibly be with deuce-quad, but, hey, that's just me and my little buddy logic speaking.
  17. It's not because you're old. It is because most of them suck.You, sir, are a tool. Nobody knew who the White Stripes were when I was raving about them right after De Stijl came out. I'm willing to bet you've spent about 20 minutes listening to all the above music, combined. All of it on Kanye's disc. But you quit halfway through, because you don't like hiphop.Toolkit.
  18. (Conversation Overheard in Ann Arbor circa 2001)Friend of Wang: "Want another beer?"Shimmering Wang: "No thanks, I'm about to vomit."FOW: "That's cool. Hey, I bet you can't break this plate with your head."SW: "How much?"FOW: "30 bucks."SW: "Dude, it's so on...."(Conversation heard at UM hospital, 1 hour later)Physician's Assistant: "Well, that should do it. Come back in 2 weeks and I'll take out the stitches. Your hair might not grow over the scar, but as long as you leave it long you'll be fine." (walks away)Friend of Wang: "Hey, I bet you can't get that needle an inch into your vein all
  19. are you saying that the japanese are easy?cuz damn, i do have a soft spot for asian women.aseem1) I dated a Vietnamese woman for a time, so I can say anything I want about any Asian nationality- even the real insensitive stuff. It's allowed. It's in the rules.2) I also share your soft spot for Asian women.3) Sadly, most of the Asian women I've met are either so easy as to "discourage action" if you will, or require a ring before penetration.4) See? See how I can say disparaging things about an entire race w/o fear or repercu- (lightning bolt)Fine fine, I'm doneWang
  20. I think I play it just like you did. This is why raising KJo sucks, but I do it anyway. Because I'm too stubborn to admit I can't impose my will on everyone. The heart might have killed us on the turn, but I'm too stubborn to admit I can't impose my will on everyone.Wang out
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