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  1. Cardinals + 3 Bengals -3 Rams -5.5 Seattle +3 Packers +3ouch. that hurts teneight. here's hoping you took that under in the night game. gotta love 3-0 at the half...i doubled it to try and get that cardianls bet back. if there are 42 points scored in the second half i'll eat my shorts...
  2. I hate playing over/under but if I had to pick one hmmmmmm Under. it's going to be a great game. defense will take over this game from both teams. colts have a solid defense i was going under because Bal has no offense but a strong defense. your comment just pushed me over the edge. Under it is!i can't believe i didn't take the under Was/Chi. that was a lock.
  3. okay, Cardinals +3 it is.teneight, any thoughts on the over/under 45 for the Indy/Bal - 8pm?
  4. jets is a really really risky pick.i thought so too. glad i laid off that one, i took the Bengals -3 for my 1pm play.deciding between the Cardinals+3 or Packers+3 for 4pm.
  5. I feel its a great value play getting +140GB always does well against detroit. I see GB actually winning the game by a TD or moreteneightmmmm only because it's at home, we actually struggle at there stadium (that damn turf)i don't see how Detroit can win this game. They have great recievers but nobody to throw the ball to them and their defense just sucks.another season under .500 for the Lions. this coming from a diehard fan...
  6. 5* Touchdown Play Jets +3 5* Touchdown Play Arizona +3 2* Cincinnati - 3 2* Buffalo - 5 - 1* Minnesota - 6 1* Seattle +3what do the multiplyers (ie 5*) mean? is he most confident about the first 2 picks and less confident about the last 2?thanks a lot. i think Arizona is gonna tear up the Giants but i'm also looking for the best 1pm play...
  7. out 753, got outdrawn against a ton of outs.gl everyone.
  8. Well it was a joke, but it didnt translate well.sorry mike, wasn't meant the way it sounded. i was agreeing with the we're doomed comment and making a seperate comment on how many chip were on the tables.6,590 in chips, .1 percentwoo hoo!!!!
  9. yeah doomed.6.54 million in chips
  10. nothing big for me sitting at 2865 in chips.about to double up...add on!
  11. yeah, i tightened up a little too early i think.$200 rebuys and add on. i don't know about that.i have a couple hours to think about it i guess.
  12. whew, barely made it...thanks for sweatin' me sealster.
  13. ANd moneymaker if u consider him a pro LOL.i don't. gobears on the other hand...i'm in the $10 R/A turbo sat right now trying to win a seat.
  14. who is playing?Ng, Raymer, Mercier, Mizrachi and gobears are the pros signed up so far...
  15. It's possible if you have software to show you the flop before it comes...and your tinfoil hat is made out of remanufactured aluminum...
  16. i drive a 2002 accord. it probably takes like 35 or so17 gallon gas tank. so if the big blind costs $3 it will take a $50bankroll to cover...
  17. thanks mb,skip, buttsauce and myself are on table 83 currently, Pro is on 84
  18. but 15 dollars is enough to fill up 1/2 my tank of gas.you have a very small gas tank at these prices...
  19. In super system two doyle writes in Todd Brunson's introduction that Todd is an amazing player because of a time when he played a wealthy business man headsup and took him for around 12 million in two days.( I cant remember the exact numberdetails are found in that other book...
  20. also Hawaii is a good home dog bet, but playing USC so is 35 points going to be enough?
  21. Michigan -19 vs Northern Illinois?what is the 3:30 lock?
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