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  1. Go to the Tropicana.... they just built a cool section called the quarter.. shops, bars and good places to eat. looks like a miniature caesars L.V. don't see a show... they all stink... maybe comedy at the trop or borgata... good luck
  2. isnt this a general poker forum... and isnt mike one of DNs best friends... ????
  3. In all of Mikes interviews he complains about all the donkeys that are putting their chips in on a coinflip!.. "How can they put their chips in with two 5s or 7s. they are donkeys" Heres a tip for you Mike... Stop putting all ur chips in the middle with AK high!!!! especially when the blinds are 25 50... lol... I met you last week in the tournaments, not sure if you were still in or not.. your a nice guy... stop calling everyone else stupid because you cant last to the first break. the only way you can make it to the 1st break is if you don;t show up. good luck!
  4. trop is much nicer now that they built The Quarter.... those arent magnets on the taj chips.. its dirt.... and the borgata has very few low limit games.... at least on the weekends ... good luck
  5. it was dover..... the funny thing is ... the media makes it seem like they nailed a underground kingpin.... this club was not underground... it was out in the open.. even a website... they even had police in their all the time... no rake ... no other charges .. no drugs... no guns... no anything.... just poker.... the highest stakes were 15/30. limit.. and 2/5 nl.... this is absurd... i have no club now.. i dont think i can post links but go to meetupDOTcom and search for 5th street.. or poker in NJ.. its there.. feel free to check it out
  6. it was in north jersey... it was a large club, out in the open, local autorities knew of us.. in fact .. they stopped in all the time and ate food. my problem was this,,, we were not causing any trouble... just poker... and an occasional ping pong or chess match. If i walk into a local pool hall.. put up $25 bucks... the house takes a cut of the prize pool... we then play 9 ball with handicaps.. which those of you who play ,, know that is gambling. then the top 3 people get paid .. with cash... that is ok... but if you play a poker tournament with no entry fee... this IS ILLEGAL... that is
  7. Lets clarify,nothing shady.. they did take our money.. all of it. Also some of the partners of the club were police officers. lol.. go figure.... they were told to stay out last month... oh well.. weird thing is no report was ever given to the paper. the only article i saw was about residents complaining about helicopter noise at 12 midnight. but the local police did not have an explanation for the noise?????? It actually says that in the article... Makes me more worried for the owner. also it was the state and county police that did the raid. word on the street is that the FBI came into
  8. :cry: my club in NJ got raided this friday. It was an awesome place, there were about 45-50 of us there playing a tourney and some 10/20 and 2/5 NL. the door came down and about 60-75 officers in riot gear and assault rifles poured in. I almost shit myself. They had 2 german shepards, and even brought helicopters!!! Really.. they brought friggin helicopters. after 2.5 hours of hands on table and pictures , we left empty handed. even the guys playing ping pong got all of there cash taken. i lost 200 in my pocket and 400 in chips. What is funny is they only arrested the owner and 1 ot
  9. completely agree... just think it shouldnt be called DAILY and posted on 3 websites with lots of traffic... just think it looks bad.
  10. daniel must be pretty busy, just looks weird on cardplayer and pokerpages that his daily poker blog is from monday!
  11. Quit thinking small time everyone... your in cheap.. all you need to do is cash to turn a huge profit.... 500 buy in usually only gets 1500 or so... good luck.. when u win it u can sit 100/200 all day.. GL
  12. he was way behind in both of them... one of the years he went runner runner for the full house... think it was AJ vs 10 2... flop AJ10 , 2, 2... they were all in on the turn... lol.. that fat bastard wouldnt have won any bracelets. oh well.. he has money and i am broke... At least I am better looking than him!!!!
  13. I have to say IVEY.. He has consistently beaten the BIG GAME for a few years now... Daniel has not been playing the big game that long. Also as far as Phil Iveys Income... look at the numbers... 4000/8000... 1 big bet an hour... x 50 hrs(very conservative.. he plays about 80 a wk)... x 45 weeks(7weeks off) =18,000,000imagine if he won 2 BB per hour... lol... thats just sick..
  14. he did know better... he is not a broke college kid.. he plays 50/100 100/200 on a regular basis and has played some other lower buyin events... I would have flown back to tunica and asked for my 500 back. How much do the dealers and staff want to make???? They DEAL... they dont perform brain surgery... they should be happy the 3% is already taken out...
  15. he played at my 15/30 6 handed table for 30 min and dropped 500 then sat at the 100/200 with 4k and just waited... not sure who he his... but he has got some loot...
  16. see eddie.. i am not an idiot.. Thx for the post
  17. they also have safety deposit boxes at the casinos... they let you keep ur cash there so u dont have to walk around with it... ever walk around with 20k in ur pocket,,,.... scary and uncomfortable
  18. agree with most of what these guys say... 2/5 no limit u need 400-500 ...250 is still tooo little.. ur best bet is either 2/4 limit .. or take ur 100 put it on black on single 0 roulette.. then buy into the 1/2 NL with 200... good luck
  19. didnt read all the threads ... not sure if it was mentionedraise minimal on the flop... if you know they are on the draw and will call an all in anyway. push all in on the blank turn... bad players usually dont call an all in with 1 card to go.. (i know sometimes they do). just remember if the board pairs or no flush comes .. ur looking like a champ.. just a bad beat
  20. Re: Phil Hellmuth: You either love him or ya hate him Sun, Dec 26th, 2004 2:35 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Funny Phil Story involving Johnny Chan: In the main event at the Bellagio, Chan said something like this,"Phil thinks he's the best player in the world and he has no clue. He's the worst." I replied, "C'mon Johnny, he is a top player for sure. He ranks in the top 100 for sure." Johnny laughed so hard I thought he was going to burst. I then said, "I can probably only name 20 gus who player better than him off the top of my head" Johnny
  21. thats what i meant by poker this and poker that.. I was refering to the verizon game and his books and appearances... I hope he does something soon because its kind of embarrassing that all these pros think he stinks...
  22. I saw he busted out in tunica and in the wsop at harrahs... Has anyone seen him playing side games or anything for that matter. I used to be a fan and posted previously that he needs to adapt or he will not be at the top of the list... I havent seen him close to the final table since the WSOP early events.. is he even playing these wpt events...It is funny that he is getting money for poker this and poker that but he is not cashing in anything. Maybe he is cleaning up in side games ... i dont know.. any insight?
  23. full ring game you need 3 in already and hope a blind folds... but dont fall into the trap of playing 67 and flopping middle pair and calling out... Thats why they have such a bad rap... hit it hard or leave.... plain and simple... If under the gun raises and 2 seat calls... play it...good chance someone else will stay in there.. at least one of the blinds will... Bobby Baldwin has some good insight on it in SS...
  24. Once you get to the final 6 the WPT has its own structure to slow the pace. They add up the chips and then divide it by 200.. thats the blinds... they have had events when with 2 tables left the blinds were higher then when they get to the final 6...
  25. hey smash, just want to say , i thought this was a waste of time. I was wrong... you are really helping people out.I do not have the patience for micro limit because I can only play about 16 hours a week. I choose 10/20 or 15/30, recreationally. these threads are interesting and the responses went from 50 % negative to 10 % negative. Good luck on your quest to 1000. Keep plugging away. When you get to 1000 you should cash out and play a 1000 buy in live tourny, and make a parlay...
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