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  1. you find all the info you need here, they also have thier own forums for everything HM http://hm2faq.holdemmanager.com/ You're welcome
  2. I really love the EPT live feed, but how slow do some of these European players take. talk about sleep inducing.
  3. gunna be awesome for someone lol, gotta be in it to win it, ill be hopefully 24 tabling by then lol
  4. deleted, not a good idea to post what i was gunna post lol
  5. Awesome, a Sydney sider. that's for all the welcomes, and look forward to shooting the shit with you all
  6. such a great idea to keep the dicks out of the ladies event (excuse the pun).
  7. Hi FCP. I'm a down to earth, easy going person who just started taking poker more seriously and getting my grind on, searching for good forums to join (not a fan of 2+2) and found this one. I'm just your normal Aussie chick/tomboy who loves poker and sports. i am a self confessed fish of the past, but have studied and and continuing to learn the game more and more each day. I have always had a decent knowledge of the game, but until recently really enjoying donking around pissing the regs off. Now i'm one of the regs, go figure. I just starting my official grind this month with a $500
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