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  1. You should just post something about how you wish you could "like" the fact that brvheart like that post.
  2. Probably a top hundred all time forum post. This includes any weird shit people tossed up in the myriad local venues referred to, officially or colloquially, as "The Forum." (I'm looking at you Ancient Rome; Kent, England; probably some place in Canada; Inglewood, CA)
  3. From what I've seen, heard, and read, Ed Reed is pretty terrible anymore. I think he was kinda shitty last year, but apparently NFL GMs are the last to know. As a Lions fan, I couldn't be happier that the Texans decided to ditch Glover Quin for Reed.
  4. Looks like somebody hasn't spent many summers in Maine.
  5. I love iTommyGavin. Everyone else is flipping willy nilly, forging alliances, trying to find which way the wind blows, and he's just like, "NICK CAVE. FOREVER."
  6. I only watched the first half. How did Selden and Embid look?
  7. I don't disagree that, so far, it looks like the ACA is unlikely to be a success, but not because more people that qualify for Medicaid are signing up for Medicaid. If you want to say the ACA is going to be an economic disaster, at least talk about why the ACA is going to be an economic disaster, instead of just randomly spouting nonsense about how Medicaid = bad. What will the economic impact be if ACA enrollment is, say, 75% of the projection?
  8. Yeah, just an absolute ass beating so far. I get really pissed watching MSU's offense sometimes. From time to time, when they can't run off a miss or a turnover, they'll get into this halfcourt set where they just do absolutely nothing for 20+ seconds. No off ball action, no ball screen, nothing on the interior. Appling or Harris will just dribble 30 feet from the basket until there's 10 seconds left on the shot clock.
  9. I was just saying the quality of play, on both a team and individual level, will be very high tonight.
  10. There are more future NBA all stars playing in college tonight than the NBA
  11. Are you one of those guys who refuses to watch college hoops because "the quality of play is so much better in the NBA?" I'm so excited for this year. MSU is going to somehow end up as a 4 seed and then make the title game
  12. At least I'm on the winning teams
  13. Changed my vote to myself because I don't want to be here anymore, and BigD in the hopes of a daily double. Edit: back to essay. This is getting exhausting.
  14. Polls gotta be closing pretty soon. Next 10-15 seconds or so...
  15. Well, really the objective was to get people healthcare, period, so the Medicaid bump is encouraging, isn't it? People who were previously uninsured, now with access to basic medical support? Surely you can't be against that...?
  16. Mr Fritz you have all the power. It is in your hands. You are in control.
  17. I stared at it for 30 minutes yesterday. I can't get over how insanely open every single Spurs player is once Leonard gets into the paint. Just look at that. If you randomly dropped Knicks players on that half of the floor, just played Plinko with them from the ceiling, they could not be in worse position defensively. Then Bargnani jumps six inches off the ground, covering no one, defending nothing, serving absolutely no purpose whatsoever, except maybe to block the passing lane to some guy taking pictures for AP behind the baseline.
  18. You know she was married to Ben "Death Cab for Cutie" Gibbard, right?
  19. Circles, man. Circles. But, seriously, on the top I'm really voting for people I don't think will lose. If I can make a point (for example, **** you for voting for me), that's a bonus, but I don't have any hatred for you or Essay. I think I'll probably stick to only revengevoting going forward, but I'll do it in the most unimpactful way possible. Unless Essay is on the block, because fuck him for the most part.
  20. Me too, except replace "shoot" with "bang" and "someone" with "super hot rando slutbag." Episodes 2-6 are among the weakest of the series. I still think they're good, but the show is still finding is footing, acting as a "monster of the week" type show, as yet unsure of its overarching direction. One of the things I really like about the show is how it judiciously uses its cast. Tim Gutterson (Jacob Pitts) is a great character, and I'm sure everyone who watches the show thinks he's a great character. But the writers do a good job of not using him so much that we get sick of him, w
  21. What the hell, Andrea Bargnani? From the comments section where I found this. "That's what it used to look like when I switched to the wrong player in NBA2K."
  22. I think part of the reason I hate "Zooey" so much is I knew a girl in college who, whenever somebody mentioned Catcher in the Rye, she would say, "Have you ever read Frannie and Zooey?" And talk about how much better it is and go on about how the Glass family reminds her of her family. Most of the time she was actually pretty normal, but that one thing got me so steamed. I couldn't ignore it. It happened like 5 times in front of me. Pretty much wanted to kill her. She got drunk one night after she and her high school boyfriend broke up and came onto me and even though she was cute I pretended
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