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  1. And I should have been clearer, as well. I meant the "mild preoccupation around here that everyone here is Batman" comment to be more general than specific. It was more of a "now that we're on the subject" type comment. I'm also very, very drunk, which I hope explains how I kinda transitioned from a comment directed at you so quickly to one directed into the aether. Hopefully it also explains my use of the word aether. There is an obese orange cat on my lap.
  2. I introduced myself a handful of pages ago. There seems to be a mild preoccupation around here that everyone here is Batman, but I'm really nobody. And that post stands for spite. And Sadness. And some kind of post-modern synonym for "loneliness tinged with ennui." Actually, you're probably talking about Bryan Cranston. It definitely stands for Bryan Cranston. I want to make sure that is clear. Bryan Cranston.
  3. I went to a bar alone tonight. That's the last thing a man can do before he has to admit his life has gone off the rails, right? "I need a gin and tonic and a pint, please. Just leave them both right here in front of me and put them on my card. No no, there's really no need to keep that stool open. Please, sit. Or... sure, just go ahead and drag it to the other end of the bar." Now I am watching Breaking Bad and drinking all the booze in the apartment out of spite. And sadness.
  4. No. There was a vague implication that being bad with women is preferred, if not an outright prerequisite, but that's the extent of it. I am terrible at women, for the most part. My only successes are the result of some combo of shame, extreme lack of shame, and alcoholism.
  5. Hey is that that one guy? The guy from The State? What's his name? Vincent Van Hugecock?
  6. The worst part about this breakup is the cats. Maize and Patches. Patches was the runt of the litter, and despite my not knowing anything about cats or runts or litters, it seems like, yes, her behavior suggests she was absolutely the runt of the litter. She runs all over the place for no reason. She jumps at shadows that don't exist. She suffers from extreme anxiety. She has no idea how to be a cat. "What am I? cat. cat. ornament. flash. cat. collectivesoulwasathing. Cat." Maize is fat as fuuuuuuck. He is a proto-cat, in that he is a classic layabout, a lover of sunbeams and happ
  7. I've watched the first 6 episodes, with the exception of the one that wasn't aired, and I'm pleasantly surprised so far. Larry Fishburne is horrible, just wretched, especially in the most recent ep (the scene where he chokes up in Dr. Lecter's office...), but I actually like Hugh Dancy's Will Graham. I'm especially happy Bryan Fuller chose to portray Will Graham as a tortured empath, like he came across in the novels. He was a great character in Thomas Harris's Red Dragon, but I always thought Lilly/Ratner made some poor choices for his character in the most recent film version; Edward Norton'
  8. Most of the confusion probably stems from this piece at Deadspin, which is updated to reflect some gun jumping. To be fair, it appears LeBetard was being a little coy/weird on Twitter. Whomever didn't vote for LeBron is either a troll or a fool, and I would lose respect for him either way. Can anyone think of a possible legitimate reason for snubbing Bron?
  9. I could really, for the most part, as far as life, specifically the How to Win Friends and Influence People portion thereof, goes, give very few fucks (swearing!). I say this because I want there to be no confusion as to my motivation for saying what follows. I began reading the King of Off Topic thread, and then, I, I assume, blacked out, because I was on page 50 wondering where I was and where had this been all my life. There was so, so very much in there. My favorite thing, easily, was every single thing rcgs59 said. That was a long time ago, but can someone fill me in as to what
  10. I'm assuming you speak for the entire group. Do you say your name "braveheart" or is pronounced, like, "berv-heart?" Welp, I don't know what that means. *** learns to use search function *** Welp, now I'm even more confused. I know that Poppy Hills is a golf course in Pebble Beach, but that is not the same as Poppy Hillis. So my life is just turbo-frakked (I don't know how to swear how do you swear?) right now. I lived with two of my lifelong friends until about 4 weeks ago, at which point my girlfriend persuaded me to move in with her. I worked out a de
  11. *grabs junk, pounds chest and winks* Represent heterosexuals yo. *dresses up as shirtless construction worker for good measure*
  12. Hell no I get mad bitches. I've banged like 1400 super hot chicks and I ride a motorcycle and I have a moustache and my dick is huge and I'm not even barely gay.
  13. Things about me selected at random - My favorite song is It is an ode to the fictional character Daniel LaRusso from "The Karate Kid" films. - Last night, I drank 9 wine coolers in 30 minutes on a bet. I subsequently vomited. I won $11, which was less than the cost of the wine coolers. I still believe I won. - I am secretly hoping, beyond all hope, that the previous item will impress someone. - I spent 15m trying to figure out what I was missing re: ShakeZuma (as a name, as a thing in itself). Most google results led me here, or somewhere way creepier. - I live a very b
  14. Do you have room for a new contributor? I could lie and say something like, "I've been lurking for a while and finally got the" whatever, but that would be a lie. I clicked a link to get to this forum a few weeks ago, accidentally came into off-topic, and, whilst drunk, opened this thread. I read a few posts, skipped back a few pages, eventually years, and I thought to myself, "What are you doing? Why are you reading posts from 2006 in the off-topic portion of Daniel Negreanu's forum?" Then I thought, "Ha." Never "haha," because **** you. But "ha," for sure. Anyway, "ha," and "can I join
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