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  1. True story, working on a stand up act and of course a lot of it circles around my life and relationships. Hows this for an icebreaker/first line right out of the gate: "Ladies"....(pause for a few seconds for effect) "Ladies, if I ask you if you were molested by the same guy who molested your sister, and you answer that you've blocked that part of your life out of your mind, you should just say yes instead." and then go different directions depending on how well the crowd takes to some good old fashioned molesting jokes.
  2. That was pretty bizarre, that being said, he seems to be happy with the choice as it were, and it hasn't seemed to hurt his results in life, unless you count being married or surrounded by people that love you as a life goal, but I don't know. As much as he seems to tweet and stuff it's not like he really says who hes having drinks with or whatever, like he used to back in the day when he would go shopping for clothes and then post all of the items or post who he was at dinner with or whatever. Hes just not an open book like that anymore, or he doesn't seem to be. Anyway, point is the cho
  3. No on all 4. I don't know if I like Secondcumming or CraigKrill as a new name to post on the regular. I suppose I could take my old moniker back but that would be just no fun at all. Truthfully, I was drunk when I made the CraigKrill account and for the life of me I don't remember why I chose that name but it connected to something, no ****ing clue at all what. Or I could just vanish for 6 months again and bathe in pussy some more. I dunno. It's a tough call.
  4. That doesn't happen nearly enough for my taste. It's the girth, no easy fit. Disneyland/Southern California was great, kind of a turning point actually. Number two and Number one were going at it verbally and THIS close to physically right there on Santa Monica Beach, had to sort of play referee as they took shots at each other. (That's not fair, too mean, dial it down, How about you reword that and not sound so haughty?, shit like that.) It's actually been a pretty uneventful few months, just raising the kids and doing our thing. I will have to read back through this thread and see w
  5. This was pretty damn close. We are on the third round of house cleaners. Still going strong though. Doing a "family" Disney vacation in a few days, rented a house and all that mess. Should be a good time. I should start posting about this shit again, it would probably help. I used to post a ton on this site back in the day but that guy is dead......I had to be reborn for sure. However, a few remain that I enjoyed from yesteryear. It may be time to give you all a real earful.
  6. Working in restaurants over the years the word "marry" has indeed been used. Also, your tone reminds me of Smash, but that can't be. He died long ago.
  7. No pool in the garage, started in the pool, ended up in the garage. It was really no big deal, just drunken sex, except it was outside of the agreement as it stands now, so it was a big deal. It IS a big deal. I have a pretty healthy history of not keeping promises when it comes to relationships. Not good, and not who I want to be at this point in my life, so I went ahead and started going to a counselor. It's been interesting, and valuable to say the least, but not so much for the cheating issue. That's just a choice, either I do it or don't. It's a given that I will be thrown tail un
  8. Pretty much covered here, its takes a lot of money to get what heteros get for pretty much just existing.
  9. It turns out if you're drunk, and everyones drunk, and you have sex with a random chick in the pool/garage, and it seemed like everyone was into it, I mean, it's not like anybody tried to stop what was clearly going on, you may get into a spot of trouble. Interesting, busy few weeks. I will expound upon later.
  10. That is really mean. On the other hand, that's an un****able lineup of anything if I ever laid eyes on one, except for Michelle, that pic is just not fair. It's interesting to me how you can't find pics like that of Laura Bush, eyes all jacked up and looking crazy emotional. Or George Bush for that matter. Just boring pic after boring pic. On second thought, that's barely interesting to me at all. Carry on.
  11. All things being equal this should happen way more often. Animals aren't animals nearly enough for my taste.
  12. Last couple of weeks have been down right incredible, everybody getting along swimmingly. Stayed a few nights at The Clarendon in downtown Phoenix....big gay hangout it turns out so given our alternative status we were a big hit. Had a great time! Had no idea about the big gay hangout, but it turned out to be a culinary windfall, really good food at the attached restaurant. Look forward to visiting again. May is a big month for us, this was the month a year ago when we started really looking at moving in together. Interestingly enough, as of roughly ten days ago it's been a year since any
  13. I saw an interesting little example of a societal need to paint men as angsty little whiners who just can't live without there women. Even superheroes need meds.
  14. Count me in that bucket as well, when I have any idea I will be the first to share it. Until then the process of elimination is never ending.
  15. Most soup is flat nasty so, yeah. Interesting turn this thread took. You all are an odd bunch. I like it. I avoid religious discourse though. I like the concept. Some of the themes. Find the general execution piss poor. Mostly, I just like to live and let live, and let the chips fall where they may.
  16. A little conversation with Mom recently, really irked me. It's not that it bothers me that she doesn't agree with my life. I am okay with that. It's the way she presents her p.o.v. For example, saying that she thinks about the future and that my daughter will hate me, because I raised her not normal, and she won't have a shot at normal, while possibly true could be true of any parental relationship. Half of us hate out parents for no reason at all. Worse, she has no basis because she hasn't seen my daughter in a year, doesn't know our address, has never met the other significants....just n
  17. We don't so much have trust issues so much as what I would call "Why?" Issues. Like, number twos first husband is always befuddled by how she will react to me vs. him, way more favorably and to a degree where I will tell her "Baby, that's not fair. You're going to make this harder than it has to be." And she will just say "That's just how I feel." It's not so much jealousy as much as it's the realization that each individual relationship does indeed have it's own level, and it's not always "fair." I find myself getting jealous at odd times, like of it's "my" night and a good night kiss
  18. We've talked about it here and there. The truth about that is were probably more likely to swing when were actually old fogies, we're good looking 30 something's. We like the life we have now and the truth is out of all the swapping, number two is the best thing I ever found. By far. If we were swinging her and I would just be in a corner ****ing ignoring everyone else. The connection is that good, out of this world. Incidentally day one of staycation is in the books and went killer. Went to bar out it in Scottsdale for a Tequila tasting and some tacos, then relaxed out at the hotel, firs
  19. The girls....good lord there is a sore spot. The relationship they have, It waxes and wanes with no rhyme or reason, just like most women do but now there is two of them. They are absolutely horrible at communication. They don't really hang out all that much just the two of them, they really only do it when it's become so bad between the two of them that they have to just to at least stay friendly. Of all of the different possible two-some dynamics they are close to the worst one, it's up there with wife two and her legal husband. I do know that once or twice they compared notes on sex, an
  20. It's about what you have access too and the reaction that's created by it. I would contend that the value is in the reaction afterward, the fear, the loss of human life isn't even really the goal. It's the slow degradation of the heart that is the goal. For example, if I wanted to create real fear on a college campus, I wouldn't go into a stabbing frenzy in broad daylight and get caught. I would stab one person at a time over the course of weeks until the college was basically inoperable. One man, one blade. Anyone who doesn't get how effective this bomb was doesn't understand the basi
  21. Don't quite understand what you mean by missing the dynamics. As far as dude two wanting to take off with wife one, I don't think so. He's as into both of them as I am. I wouldn't say that wife two isn't "on board", she's very much on board, it's just she gets caught in this trap where she has to have things a certain way with her O.G. They have a whole history of him putting the wrong kind of emphasis on sex, doing things only to get sex and she hates that. We all do that, he's just terrible at selling the idea that he is NOT doing things just for sex. He's also perceived by her as being
  22. So, for the fun if it, a random sex story. This was our second date night, a swingers meet up, this new couple is going to introduce us to some new people, known safe play friends of theres. Plan is to meet up at a Swingers meet and greet at Salty SeƱorita in the East Valley and if everyone is hitting it off, a hotel has already been set up to go to afterward. Okay...... So we arrive, and are an immediate hit. My wife is a hot blond,nice body, and really at these gatherings that's the selling point. I'm no slouch but lets face it if it's just me I am probably not invited. We all have a few
  23. Wife number two is most certainly the most dominant, I am right behind her and over time learning how to establish mine. The thing with her is just learning what works.....for example, recently we went to a Stand Up performance by Doug Benson, the four of us, and she had taken offense to something dude one had said and was just being a bear, the problem was I had planned the night out, it was my night with her, we hasn't seen each other for like four days because our schedules were opposite and I was in no mood to deal with her, especially since it had nothing to do with me and everything to d
  24. As a group we work together really well, but each individual relationship has it's own dynamic that had to be recognized, so if anything that's the challenge, just keeping track of what works with who. Oddly enough, the relationship that is the easiest and most manageable is between me and dude two, we never argue, make sure to check in every morning and discuss shit, it's really funny. One and I get along great, we always had a good relationship save for a year or so when things were rocky six or so years ago. Twos a challenge, she's a lovely person, but very dominant, which I am as well, so
  25. Lets just say that the decision making process is an ever evolving work in progress. We try really hard to do a majority rules type thing but depending on the person, that can't always work, for now. For example, I'm not all that versed in not getting my way, so if I am hell bent on something you kind of have to let me loose, number two is that way as well, but were working on it. The other two are much more laid back. An example of working together, though, would be yesterday when we walked through the whole house room by room and decided what we wanted to do in each room to improve and upgra
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