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  1. Yee, go get that flood, hurricane, earthquake etc with your gun. I bet it will go away... Why all Americans think they can solve their problems with a gun? I like your idea, I watch doomsday prepers from time to time (even tho I think most of those people are mentaly ill, having some sort of anxiety issues (or in fact physicaly with their thyroid that cause the fear problems). Nontheless, your bug out bag should consist of usefull stuff like some of the stuff on your list that can help you to survive or get away from the danger area.... I never understand people who not only have doz
  2. Hej, I can see that nobody is interested in posting here even tho the thread is quiet interesting. How about doing the race for low stake players? Whoever gets to the 1k line wins. Starting bankroll must be lower then $50 to be fair. Anyone interested?
  3. That's just mean man , Lance was stripped of his Tour de France titles. How can you take a title away from someone who didn't win it? That's why only Armstrong lost his titles, cos he won it 7 times in a row
  4. Can you explain to me what was your idea behind reraising his raise preflop and checking behind on flop...You are showing strenght of your hand preflop (with decent hand) and then you check post flop? Since you are sure he doesn't have a K I dont understand call on the turn ...it should be a raise in my opinion with two flush draws on the table. The only thing I do understand in your hand is the river call... MaxSTPolish is right...this play was bold for me too. Nice pot tho, so congratz.
  5. I totaly don't agree with rrumsey and Middles and other that say bet big on every street. That is just irrational play. Maybe you will win one or two pots playing like this but overall you want to think about what you do, what is the strenght of your hand and what are your odds etc. Dingas is the one who is right in here. If you bet preflop and got called by 3 other players you have to be carefull. The truth is you had no hand whatsoever on flop and reraising previous bet was, in my opinion unnecessary. You had to hit J or 6 to make your hand. In the best case scenerio there were 3xJ and 3x6 i
  6. I don't know have you seen this but in last UEFA Champions League round where FC Nordsjeland was hosting Schaktar Donetsk Luiz Adriano scored a goal which by many was said to be agains a fair play rules. Here is the video of the goal. The whole situation starts at 0:30 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7IN9MZxj2k&feature=related UEFA wants to punisch Adriano even tho he did nothing agains the official rules. What do you think guys?
  7. Give us some more info on the hand. What tournament was it? $2,20 buy in or 100k GTD. I guess fold was the right thing to do in that situation, even if it was 50/50 pot (I mean he had a pocket pair like JJ or lower). Getting involved into a pot in that stage of the tournament was to risky especially with AQ. When I have a situation like this I always think about Gus Hansen and his "I wish I could do something crazy right now" speech ...and then he folds
  8. Most of you say this was a good play, but I would think about it again. I mean you bet 3xBB from UTG with AJo? In most online poker room you will get at least one caller (short or not stacked) who will call your bet only cos of their possition over you. For me that AJo (depending on the tournament and how deap in it you are) was easily foldable. What I mean is that if you gonna get called, it will be either someone with a hand that covers your J like AQ or AK or a hand that can crack your hand on flop like suited connectors. Personally I would fold that hand in that possition and wait for
  9. I hit a royal flush few times within few years of playing, never tho had a chance to win a big pot with it tho...Once I remember it was my first hand in a tournament - a royal flush. It looked sweet for the start but after that I got nothing good and got knowcked out before the first brake
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