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  1. I don't think there is anything wrong in flatting pre in a vacuum or in folding/calling the shove but you have to prefer the 3/bet here pre. However the c/r flop line blows off almost his entire bluffing range at this level unless OP knows something about villain that we don't. If villain is very aggressive then there are enough draws present to call the shove and if hero knows villain is aggro then he shouldn't be c/r-folding to a shove IMO.
  2. I can understand the OP's stance and view, however variance at lower stakes is lower because the games although having more multi-way pots are much less aggressive. Situations like 5/bet shoving are infrequent and in fact very rare in games like NLHE. In very aggressive games then you can easily lose ten buy-ins in a session. At lower stakes games then this is very rare. Obviously a lot depends on stake levels, game type, opponent type, our own style. Playing full ring for example means that we will lose a larger number of pots that we play because we will simply be folding a higher percentage
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