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  1. Vegas Knights. Thank you so much. I think the scene was great, even better then expected. Once again, the cycisim here is misguided. I think having a church based scene in a Vegas gambling movie in unexpected and fresh. And I do expect it will resonate with middle mall going America. I hope the rest of the screenplay showcases some of the other sides of Las Vegas life, including gambling on the strip. 75,000 continues to sound like a bargain to me. Perhaps everyone on ths board could chip in a grand or two and we could produce it together? It's just a thought.
  2. "Foot in the door"? The guy has already won three awards, how far in the door can one foot be? The people here giving him advice have won far fewer awards, likely none. I'm sure if someone with a four time award winning poker screenplay offered advice, he would be happy to listen.
  3. Many creative geniuses are tempermental and difficult to work with. VKs defensiveness may actually be evidence of his gifts. He certainly dosen't deserve to be martyred.
  4. One wonders if any of the more cynical posters here have written a three time award winning script. I doubt it. Yet one man has done so, and in service of a pastime we all love. What if this award winning piece had been put into production 10 years ago? Quite possibly the game of poker would be more popular then ever. As it stands, with poker's growth in the population centers of Asia (i.e. large Asian countries) there is no limit to the success this film might find. My continuing astonishment that this script has not yet been purchased is only surpassed by my dismay regarding the critici
  5. Vegas Knights, Thank you so much for answering so many of my questions. It means a lot to me. I have many reactions to your words as well as follow up questions. I will have at least one more reaction/follow up post by Monday. But first, let me say that I am shocked, truly astonished, that nobody has purchased the rights to your two time award winning screenplay, Vegas Knights, at the impossibly low price of $75,000. Particularly, when there are so many sucesful poker players who stand to gain by its production. I really think, nay demand, that Daniel Negranu come to this thread and e
  6. Please, I am the one who should be thanking you for your efforts on behalf of the poker industry and players everywhere. I am looking forward to a spirited and lengthy discussion about your two time award winning poker themed screenplay, Vegas Knights.
  7. Vegas Knights or VK, I am very intrigued by your poker themed screenplay. If we could get back to the real topic at hand I have a few questions for you. Do you think Vegas Knights has any qualities lacking in some of the more recent poker movies? What are they? I understand if you cannot give away too much detail. Do you think Vegas Knights could help the poker industry? How? Do you think that any poker celebrities would enjoy Vegas Knights? Are there any roles for them in your movie? What types of people would this movie appeal too? Many recent poker/Vegas/gaming th
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