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  1. You've posted 3 times in this thread for a total of about 50 words, stop spending so much time on 2+2. Guy asked for opinions and opinions is what he will get whether him or yourself like them or not.
  2. Your obsession on other people and how much you don't like them is borderline strange. Did Howard do something wrong? Hell yea he did and he will pay the price for it when the time comes but get over it. Same thing with his sister..we all realize you don't like her..get over it. The poker world is full of scum bags, cheaters, thief's and downright losers. Your buddy Edog is one of the biggest degenerate scammers out there but I'm sure you would sit down with him because he's your boy yo. A thief is a thief anyway you slice it. He's pretty ballsy I will admit but you like the majority of
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