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  1. Bobo Fett or Venice10 or Rapini, it doesn't really matter as they are all assclowns.
  2. Based upon your description, if it's pre-flop and you're in mid to late position in a raised pot with AK/ pocket 10's/JJ/QQ/KK and AA I see no reason why you wouldn't shove. You're getting it all in by the Turn anyways, so as the last poster said, get the biggest % of the money in PF.
  3. I gave up on 2+2 long ago and mostly due to the clueless moderators and their asshat ways. The matter detailed in this topic - and how the 2+2 mods (and management) handled it are not surprising in the least. A mod like Kevmath is the rare exception. At least you didn't have to deal with the idiot who goes by the user name, Rapini. He makes MM and DS look like Dale Carnegie. What a shame...
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