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  1. Here is a blog from Steve Ruddock posted within this hour including a pretty bold face lie from Juan Sepulveda earlier today on Poker Fraud Alert http://pokernewsboy.com/poker-site-news/22q-charity-poker-podcast-embroiled-in-controversy/13555 Occasionally things happen in your life that can leave such a bad taste in your mouth that you are basically left jaded, wallowing in self-pity, and wondering what if anything you could have done differently. This is precisely what I am going through at this moment, and something that has been causing me sleepless nights, bouts of nausea, and the
  2. As someone who is friends with the community that is hosting the Ironman Podcast for 22q and JoeU personally, I was disgusted with the way this matter was handled by Mason. I was in town this past week and decided to play at the Bellagio last night. I spotted Mason at the 20-40 game and after cashing out my chips, I decided to give him a piece of my mind. He really is a piece of work.
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