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  1. something that was in my hand?
  2. Hi Friends,Planning to play Sunday Million, Sunday Warm Up and Spade tourneys today. I will be playing such a major tournament for 3rd time. I played sunday million prior to this and cashed twice out of three times. I am here for advise and preferred strategy to playing such major and large field tournaments. Please feel free to give any advise (Every bit of it will be important). I am really looking forward to your comments.--BestShashank
  3. I think you are right but only reason i avoided that was because of my bad beats from past 3 days. have posted them here. Pretty sick bad beats.
  4. I just tried to help. he asked me for small amounts, although he plays like donkey i thought he may be in need so just gave it to him. He said he will return but i was prepared its not coming back. I was not staking him into tournaments......i had seen him play....i would quit playing poker if i have to put money on him! I was feeling bad the way he was wasting money so when he was desperately asking me last time i said my monthly transfer limit has exceeded. So he told me that he wants to see my play first hand and he wont disturb me. So i thought its ok besides i will be watching him anyway.
  5. I really wanted to do that but i was little confused to go all in after my re-raise being called and turn being a diamond.
  6. Hi would u call this Bad call?HandHere is my explanation why i calledHe just limped preflop....i dint want that so i raised +limper pre-flop. He flat called. On the flop he made a bet of 300. I had top pair and top kicker. such tiny bet would have looked like a trap to me if board was all diamonds. Two pair not possible. I would not expect him to call my preflop raise with Q and rags in flop. I do think he could have a diamond draw so make a very high re-raise. He flat called to me. I dont expect someone drawing to call m with such low stack unless he/she is absolutely donkey. He checks the tu
  7. Hi Friends i would like to caution you all on below. Please do not let someone fool you like this please don't make fun of me. I just tried to help someone.***********************************************************************************************************Hi,At the outset i would like to mention that this email is not to point a mistake at your side but just to update you regarding this and also to check if my money can be recovered if it has not been wasted.I made friends with a guy named gabitzuX from Romania on one of the final tables. He was very good in talking me into being best
  8. My VP is usually around 20 to max 30%. I had played about one20 hands (sorry i had to spell "one" cz of my hot keys). Quite frankly i was on tilt after hand A and was desperate to get it back. That was my biggest mistake preflop with AJ. But what happened after flop was disaster. I never expected that call given the hand. I usually play in position and dont really feel bad folding AK off out of position. I have been having really bad suckouts from past 3 days and need to find my rhythm back desperately. Any advice is more than appreciated.--BestShashank
  9. Here i am again.......so F****** disappointed. Please tell me what this really easy.Hand AHand BHand C--BestShashank
  10. Thanks, really appreciate ur time and input on this. hope i have good roll today. take care and good luck all.Shashank
  11. Got you. But still i would ask you one more time. Do you think if i went all in pre-flop maniac would have folded? Would you recommend that play?Shashank
  12. Is that real now? although i messed up rags!
  13. so let me ask u. if u were in my place....how wd u play this hand.....preflop and going forward.
  14. Seriously? I read this a lot but truly should i be laughing or start taking it seriously?
  15. Missed to mention.....maniac had Ah9h--BestShashank
  16. Hi All,I am new here and hope to learn a lot along the way. Few issues i have had with my play lately is Playing Monsters.Every time i get AA or KK i run into confusion whether to slow play and trap or to be protective/aggressive. I am not sure how many of you will agree but 90% of the times or 9 out of 10 times i have tried to trap with monsters i have had bad beats. Its not that i keep checking and wait for villain to bet. This how i usually try to playSlow Play Trap:I would try to raise so much so that i can isolate to one or at max two callers if i am out of position. If i have the button
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