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  1. have not been back on here in a while but i am in for the deepstack tourney this is awesome. been playing on bugsys a lot with the 10k starting chip tourneys very fun, but i think this will be very interesting. gla hope we all make it deep
  2. ok tough hand, maybe you laid down the best hand, but i think you were beat. tough to make a read of hand like this w/o any other information, what was your table image? what was his table image? had you been stealing blinds from him? had he played over the top very often on other players?NO matter, i probably would fold there also w/o any other info. But your question about when to push, i think my math has you at about 33k or so after all that betting and then losing the pot? ok close enough, it is costing you about 3900 at that time to see one orbit, so you are close to 8x that or you
  3. ok this goes back to daniels post about barry greinstein, who daniel claims only documents his wins vs his loses and thus says that he has "won' more money than anyone else over the past 5 years or so. That maybe true that he was WON more money (who really knows) but what is his NET INCOME? is that the right term, i am physical therapist not a CPA.ALso the human brain has an incredible ability to remember that incredible run on 1/2 where we won 50 bb in 2 hours, but does it recall the slow leak of 400 dollars over 2 weeks net? No, i have a lot of friends that brag about their latest big sco
  4. not positive but i do agree that it better be greater than 50 percent (can be 70 percent in a short term huge winning session), if you are below that in limit then you are losing money i guarantee it. esp at the lower levels where there are more showdowns, you need to be winning a good share as to cover the bad beats that do happen.you can always go to the website, not sure pokertracker.com and they probabaly have some stats used for that program that tells you.but the real number is bb/100 hands if that is low then work backwards, maybe you are doing that. if it is low then i bet that show
  5. not trying to 'flame' the OP but personally I agree that Pokertracker is very useful in analyzing your game. Hey if you are a maniacal hyperaggressive player then that is fine, you have a logo and a name in pokertracker and you do have holes in your game no matter if you are a winner or not. But pokertracker will help you find your holes AND TELL YOU IF YOU ARE A TRUE WINNER OR NOT. Personally i find that most people have a very convenient memory as to if they are lifetime winners or not, and pokertracker is an in your face reminder of how well you really are playing in the long term.this i
  6. I second the live CD is great but it is not their best collection of songs. There is another CD, I can remember the name of it but look for songs like Hey girl, sail away, Mr. Brown, City on Down, etc. Not on that live CD and i think these songs are awesomenote they are coming to raleigh/cary, as the headliner at this small amphitheater definitely going already got the tickets, The lawn section is in the front and the seats are in the back.Also , Jack Johnson is playing there thissummer, good Stuff all aroundlater
  7. I have been playing poker since about february of last year. that is poker in general, live and online. Last year I won 1 limit tourney on party for 3k, came in 2nd and 3rd in 2 other limit tourneys these were MTT for about 2.5k total. also came in 7th in a NL tourney for about 600 for a 20 dollar investment and also 16th in the paradise 50k tourney for 550ish, as well as winning a 2 dollar rebuy on paradise for probably like 800 or so. I also had a run of turning 400 dollars into 3.2k in about 1 week playing Omaha on interpoker just trying to clear a 90 dollar bonus.For all the flamers ou
  8. actually it is 2 to 1 on his money putting in 12 to win 24 ish up to 27.minor point but still. 10 handed 100 dollar buy-in 1-2 NL with people already doubled and tripled up, I will find better places to put my money in. esp when he spoke so highly of his wife's play, how can he expect to get all of her money in pot and even spoke highly of the P2 post flop play as being excpetionally better than his preflop play.how anyone can change that much I have no idea b/c you put 7-2o in the pot calling 2 all-ins you are a fish in my book all day long or you have way too much money and think that poke
  9. personally great way to increase your bankroll even whenstarting this low. I am a bigger fan of pushing the limits with maybe 150x the bb, if you really are better than the players! I don't mind this play more at the .50/1 and 1/2 and maybe 2/4 if you really have a good track record.why not transfer your 100 dollars over to pokerstars right now b/c they are offering a 20 percent bonus, i know it is only 20 bucks but you could take a run at 50/1 on there, if you break even or even win a little be up near 130-150. wont' take many hands to clear as it is a 5x the bonus deal, very nice.If you c
  10. 3 handed, she raises 6x the bb and gets to callers (with 55 and 77) while she holds KK. first of all what were the blinds at this time? or just what was her 6x the bb raise to? either one would suffice.now, her deciding to lay down KK against and all in by a loose player(P2) and then to you (on tilt) is really a hard play to pull off. I would put the loose guy on maybe having hit the jack and then you on maybe queens or AK. If you are on tilt i don't see you slow playing AA.2nd and most important was this a cash game????and how many people on the table? 7-10? 1st of all what are you doi
  11. personally i treat home games like a SnG, don't play too loose early b/c you will waste away a good chunk of your chips if you don't get lucky with you 3 gapping suited connectors! and i stress lucky. So go with the previous posters note about raising in EP with only top 5 premium hands.But what i want to know is what are the pots like when you are late position? as the blinds go up aka making the pots worthwhile, then you can start calling with suited connectors and such. But the biggest thing is hanging onto you chips early so that you can double up later with bigger hands and you are no
  12. pockets Posted: Mon, Apr 25th, 2005 9:04 Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Daniel wins because he's good at poker. Wow, that was easy! Hello captain obvious welcome to the forum! But.....day in day out DN vs brunson, vs ivey vs chip reese vs Gus Hansen vs etc etc etc. how does your logic hold up, they are all good at poker so no one wins and no one losses good one
  13. I really like the OP idea, i mean in every book they tell you to look for a game you can beat! That is the way to make money, to be the best player at the table. My thought is something like the scene in Rounders when they travel to the Taj in AC. All 5-6 of those grinders sitting there and they just feast on the 2-3 tourists that rotate in and out of the table. They may get in a few pots together but try to stay out of each others way.But the point is great that there has to be one constant player that is losing in that crew I have to believe, all i hear about Gus is that he has been kno
  14. Personally, The bet out on the flop was the killer play personally. I know that check raising is obvious, but that is what i want at this point, so what if everyone checks? If another heart comes along, you don't get hurt, as you can fold for fear of the flush, and when the river hits, i bet you are invested for less than 3k and can fold easily to any bet.I am typically a more aggressive player but i think, you have to realize the situation, slow down a bit against a big stack or equal stack. as someone stated earlier there are a few hands that have you dominated or atleast behind like 99
  15. I think most of us have some really good runs at a time or 2. We all want to play at the highest limits possible at some point, well except for the real grinders/mature players. I can admit that my poker days have seen the sunset hopefully of those, but I have had my runs of which probably 3 stand out and the recent being the biggest of 400 to 3.2k in 1 week on Interpoker playing Omaha High. and i only wanted to learn a new game and earn my 90 dollar bonus. My big score was two hands that i would never again play in that way on the I think 2/4 pound tables that tripled my by in of about
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