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  1. Agreed. I felt like I didn't like this show for the longest time but kept watching. But you just can't stop. And the slow climax is crazy. It's like a 3 season so far and counting climax. I paused the show, cheers'd the tv with my beer, and said we'll done after the nacho pill swap scene.
  2. Just how great is this sex you speak of?
  3. The climate in our state from teachers and public employee unions was created by the politicians. When you sign up for these jobs you expect the pay to be less than other jobs but in return you get a pension and decent benefit packages. But we turned into Union thugs who are bleeding the taxpayers dry with our "Cadillac health benefits." So then the benefits that were promised are cut down. The cost of living raises are taken away. I've been on 4 years and haven't gotten a raise yet. But I have had my insurance premium tripled. Pension contribution increased 6.8%. Our last contract had a wage
  4. People who say they'll never go to a chiro have never dealt with a crippling pain that couldn't be fixed by an exhaustion of traditional therapies.
  5. Definitely agree there's good and bad chiros. I have a good one for sure. And with my job my shoulder and back problems were becoming a huge issue. The shoulder had been bothering me for 10 years and was getting worse every time I wore my air pack for even a couple minutes I could barely use my left arm for several days. And I know most won't believe the story of my son. But I'd been around him when he had boogers in his nose for 3+ years all the time. Maybe it was a coincidence that they were gone for good for going on a year now after 3-4 adjustments but I'm happy regardless.
  6. And everyone should go to the chiro, my son even goes. He was the kid with the 24 hour booger nose, runny, sneezy and coughing a lot. That's all gone since he started going for adjustments.
  7. Yeah I've finally worked up a little in the program. My bench 2 days ago was still 115 which is still easy but yeah when I do get my bench up to where I'm struggling to get through 5 reps it's still way lower than it should be. My legs and back are by far the strongest muscles (obviously). Don't know why the chest never caught up to the rest. Today I do 205 squat 100 overhead press 205 deadlift. Squat and deadlifts will be no problem. OH press I'll get through but I always tend to start struggling once I get in the 120-130 range on that. I'm determined to blast through plateaus this time. It u
  8. Hey Napa, go to the gym ya lazy bum. I'm getting back at it the last few months. Had back, shoulder and hip problems that took my working out to a standstill. Huge believer in chiropractic care now. Cracked the sht outta me several times over 10 weeks and I'm pain free for a few months now. Way low on all my 5X5 lifts but after about 6 weeks it's not as embarrassing to lift in public. I trust the process but it feels stupid early on going and doing something like 135 squat 80 bench press and 65 row
  9. Cabana was 350 for the 10 hours the pool was open. Pricey but we split it among the 5 of us. I wasn't technically asked to chip in but I can't spend several hours there without contributing my share. My girl and I love to gamble so we will keep going back to Vegas. As a couple you need to both enjoy gambling and be able to be by yourself at times for it to work. It works well for us. I don't even play poker anymore, although I'd like to again. I love me some blackjack and I've definitely won more than I've lost in my storied career
  10. Oh! And I almost forgot. Mostly for mexi-melt, but our cocktail waitress at our cabana was Effin bangin. Her name was Roxsy. ENORMOUS real knocks according to her. Round, just perfectly jiggly ass. Super nice personality. Even as we descended into absolute drunken stupidity. I made my girl turn around and show her her ass and she agreed that my girl has a great ass. But GD I loved me some Roxsy. We're all very nice guys though and didn't push anything too far even with the alcohol. Me and one of the guys went to a strip club here in Milwaukee once and spent the night complimenting the stripper
  11. Since Hank did one, I'll do one: Left Wednesday afternoon and got in at about 5:30 Vegas time. Staying at Luxor. Unpacked and wen to our friends room and had some drinks. Went to BLT Steak for dinner, got there about 8:30. Lady and I played a little slot action and got some cocktail waitress drinks. Went into the restaurant and ordered more drinks. One guy ordered oysters, another got some bacon thing and I got steak tartar for apps. All very good but obviously portions too small for the price but you expect these things. Got a 22 ounce ribeye for main course which was the best steak I don
  12. Never bet on women, never know if they raggin or not
  13. On a smoke break at the tuf finale. Have Khalil, Cooper and Joanna in a parlay and cooper straight. Shouldn't have put copper in the parlay and put all my eggs in that damn fight. Dead even about overall between gambling, eating and drinking. Need a nice couple blackjack runs today and tomorrow to go him a big winner
  14. No she goes big on me but deep down I like it. Literally and figuratively. I don't remember who she picked last year for us to bet on but it was 2 dogs and they both won easily. Women always post all the pics. I mostly just stalk Facebook these days.
  15. Last year was almost too much with mcgregor and his drunken Irish fan base so I was happy in a way he got removed from the card. Should be fun though, not sure if we're going to try and watch it somewhere, but my girlfriend is definitely going to pick some fights for us to bet on. I'm still a new fan of ufc and don't know it nearly as well as she does
  16. I'm in Vegas July 6-10. Staying at the Luxor, I don't give a damn where I stay mostly as long as it's not north side of the strip. Y'all should play myvegas slots and blackjack apps. With my loyalty coins I got dinner buffet at mirage and bellagio, brunch at Luxor and 50 in free play at Luxor. You can get free rooms at mgm properties but you're only allowed one free one every 90 days. Cheaper to just get a southwest vacation package. We have Gordon Ramsey steakhouse on Wednesday, MMA roasted comedy show comped for Thursday night, ultimate fighter finale Friday night and downtown debaucher
  17. Sex is much easier when the woman is experienced and knows what she likes and is vocal about it. My ex wife liked it hard as possible and fast as possible and would cum within 2 minutes of penetration. We spent a little extra time on foreplay and such unless it was a quickie so we could enjoy each other's nude company a little longer. But if she either didn't know that she liked it that way or wasn't vocal about it, I would have given her so many unsatisfying encounters trying to go slow and take my time with the penetration. Which we know makes sex kinda lame when you're trying to prolong it
  18. I would eat out that butthole immediately after she got off the bike
  19. Fck no I ate mad buffets. Vegas was over a month ago old man
  20. http://www.elizabethrider.com/superfood-black-bean-quinoa-salad-recipe/ This has been a staple lunch of mine for a few weeks. Can make a double batch and eat it for over a week. Full of super foods and protein. Easy to make and very good.
  21. Titties are overrated. All about that ass
  22. I don't think I would be into the foot job. I have a serious aversion to feet in general. They just freak me out and I think of all the sweat and nastiness from shoes and toe jam. And then working on the squad I see so many sick diabetics with AWFUL toes and toenails and the whole thing is just not good. I would probably reluctantly allow it if a gal went for it just because it is hot when a girl wants to do something not mainstream. But I would be dumping her fairly quickly unless that booty was right. And why would you use match fritzy? Obviously it seems to be working out but there's m
  23. This is like the opposite of a triumph over adversity story. I watch extreme weight loss and they ALWAYS finish the 5k/marathon/triathlon or whatever. Sorry naps. Now I just want to eat fudge.
  24. Small Wonder is fantastic. I've probably seen every episode multiple times. My lady and I are the only 2 people in the world I've come across that have seen this show or even heard of it.
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