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  1. And why doesn't Soccer have it's own sports section instead of making it a General section? boooooooooooooo Bob!
  2. woohoooooooooooo ITALY MADE SEMI-FINALS!!!!!!!!! xoxoHere's the semi-final lineup : Spain - Portugal (Wed) & Germany - ITALY (Thurs).
  3. Well yes, I agree - as annoying as it may be...seems you avoided the question tho! ;-)But I get where you're going with this, therefore will find another forum to swap with. Thanks for the info and (off topic but just as important....) PLEASE, please please do something about the LAG on this site!
  4. I used to have the Esso gas station which sold Ukash right near by - but freaken place just closed down while I was taking a leave from poker, now that I'm back - I'm like "day-um!"
  5. Ok, will it help if I introduce myself to you and have other players vouch for me? Will you trust me enough to swap then? I would trust you Bob (seeing your an admin!) and I would trust most of your staff members, how about you guys handling it?
  6. UPDATE: apparently they ONLY banned my gimmick account, my main account was and is STILL in good standing....I best be on my best behaviour now tho!! Just wanted to end thread on a +....
  7. hmm wasn't gonna say anything but since there's already a thread on this issue - WTH...the lag on this site, here.... is HORRIBLE! Seriously....
  8. Or is swapping not allowed in this forum?
  9. In my opinion, I disagree with the bolded above - I believe there is a small percentage of luck involved in poker - there's no absolute guarantee that your skilled self is going to win 100 % of the time (you saw it yourself when you lost with AA vs another hand, there's no guarantees no matter how skilled a player you may be).It's not the same as a set lottery number where it is what it is and you win if those same numbers are drawn, therefore...that being said;....whilst everyone can be good at anything they set their minds to (as per the examples you mentioned in your post) - not everyone i
  10. Nevermind what? ...Say what you gotta say....!It's ok if it's harsh criticism, still need to hear (read) it so I can learn from it. So post away...please.....edit: Nevermind, I read what you had typed (since it went into my email account). You're right, this isn't 2+2 and I shouldn't be bothering anyone here with my problems.Please accept my apologies. Close this thread please, thanks.
  11. Hate to ask this from this forum, but does anyone know this mod (Dids) and can you get him to at least talk to me? I know I can work something out with him if he just talks to me.I'll even go as far as to apologize if need be...I've just never been banned from any site and seems silly to ban me from the WHOLE site, for a post that was in the non-poker section of forum.
  12. Well I tried to contact the forum in question - (actually 3 times) and no replies yet. (Doubtful they're gonna bother to reply to me now)Then I did something a little weird, I tweeted the mod in question and asked "that I needed to speak to him in private" and he blocked me!Now I'm screwed (and not in the good enjoyable way!)
  13. Not exactly, no.$100 is fine to play recreationally, but in my opinion not for a living no. Then again, I don't know anything about your country...maybe that $100 = $1000 US or CDN? I can't even try to imagine how you're living off $100 a month to be honest (hell, my grocery bill is higher than that per month!).But this isn't the question you want answers to ...therefore I will hush up and refrain from responding any further and let a few experts from this site - reply to your questions on bankroll management.
  14. hmm.... ok my bad, I might have misunderstood your OP?!?Maybe someone else can give you advice on bankroll - but my opinion stands, someone making a low income of $100 / mth SHOULDN'T be playing poker! meh...but good luck to ya.
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