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  1. Best poker sw by far. It can't do anything better than PAP2.Just FYI...the guys at neverwinpoker.com seem to like PAP and one of them (Todd W/Dan Druff) is right now the Overall WSOP Player after having finished 1st and 3rd in two limit events.
  2. DN has praised Harman's chapter but it's not about limit holdem tournaments. So that's not it.This is a book that is about limit holdem tournament strategy.
  3. A loooong time ago i remember reading something in which DN recommended a book that talked about limit holdem tournaments.Does anyone know what this book is?
  4. Click here for a detailed description of what PokerTracker can do for you.
  5. Anyone who makes money is way above average, not slightly-above-average.
  6. Why do you move in?You are a smart guy, have read some books, etc. so let's figure this out: You say you raise with AJ and get two callers. The flop is J high. Assuming that the two callers have random hands (removing your AJ and the J on the flop from the deck, of course) what is the probability that at least one of them is ahead of you?
  7. Bet...you need to open the hand history window -- click on the button in UB that says "hand history" -- lower right hand corner -- below "leave table". The software will automatically recognize the window and then it'll start sucking down the hands.
  8. The Mar issue of Esquire has a 12 page Bodog insert completely dedicated to promoting its poker site. FullTilt has an entire magazine (All In) dedicating to promoting it. Stars runs TV ads.PokerMountain lags faaaaar behind these efforts. If current trends continue PM will join the long list of failed poker sites.Daniel is in a state of emotional and psychological collapse so he's unlikely to be of much help in the near future which is all the future that PM has.
  9. I like your post...that's what I'm think of doing when I retire.A couple of questions/comments: I'm pretty sure that this is the hard part. Almost no one has a proven record as a winning player. The $2/day includes an Internet connection? Singapore? You can live in Singapore on $3/day?
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