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  1. FYI: I had to change a lot of the points on my list because Bluff Magazine realised they had been using the wrong structures for some event. Just one example, they scored Event #6: NLHE Mixed-Max as if it were a normal HE event before, now they changed it and scored it like a HU event. The new scoring makes a lot more sense to me, but it meant I had to recalculate a lot of scores, so the values Bob got from my list for the latest update aren't correct anymore.Sorry for that, but blame Bluff Magazine =)Weirdly enough, the only unclear part still is Katchalov - he is gone from the leaderboards n
  2. Glad I could help =)But sadly it seems I did have Katchalov's points in Event #10 wrong. I put him on 27, but http://www.bluffmagazine.com/wsop-poy/ puts him on 36. The multipliers are 1.5 for the 5,000$ buy-in and 1.2 for a field of 145 players. He played 9th, and http://www.bluffmaga...poy/formula.asp says that in Stud events, that only counts as "remaining top 20%" and gives 15 points, so with the multipliers, I came to 27. But apparently, they gave him 20 points like it would be in Hold'em and Omaha Events, arriving at 36 points with multipliers.Sorry for the confusion, I corrected it on h
  3. If someone wants to have a look in the meantime, I made a table to keep track of the player's progress (yes, I do have way too much time on my hands). I just made it out of boredom to keep track of my own points, but given the update-situation, I thought I could share it with you guys:https://docs.google....QVE&output=htmlEverything on there should be right, but given how many players there are and how many events, no guarantees I didn't miss something. I calculated the points using http://www.bluffmaga...poy/formula.asp and checked them against the official standings, so they should be co
  4. Livestream has started:http://www.wsop.com/2012/live-video/live-video.asp
  5. Given that only 8 players from the pool cashed (apart from yours, there's Juanda, Selbst, Dan Smith and Mercier who busted ITM with min Cash), that really is a good start - gratulations!
  6. With Shaun and Gavin gone (had both of them and was still hoping, but since their chipcounts hadn't been updated at the end of day 1, I feared the worst), it's down to 2 for me aswell - Doc Sands and JRB. Looking forward to see how it goes, also excited to see how #3 and #4 will start out!
  7. 3672 according to http://fullcontactpoker.com/wsop2012/stats.php.
  8. Yep, the list should be pretty much up to date now - thanks for the hint with the chipcount on pokernews, way better than the official one. Which is weird, I thought it would be the same since they have the same updates. Anyway, good night!
  9. Damn - taking your word for it and changed it in the other thread. If I may ask, where did you get the info about Liv, Chui and Jaka? Seems I am not getting all the information =)
  10. Seems he really is busted, at least he doesn't show up on the chipcount anymore.Doc Sands is a big hope for me atm since he somehow came back from 6K and now has a monster stack of 75k, JRB looks even better with 78k. Other players I picked that might still be in the race (although with the infrequent updates, you never know) are Liv Boeree, Shaun Deeb, Sam Trickett, Faraz Jaka, David Chiu and Gavin Smith. With a bit of luck, this might be a good start for me =)
  11. Hehe =) Well, going by chipcounts atm (which, of course, mean basically nothing this early in the first of many tournaments) that might have been a good change. But who knows how up to date those counts are anyway, more than half of my picks haven't been updated in hours, some are still shown with their starting stacks. I hope that fancy new chip ChipTic thingy will make it easier to follow my players - we'll see when they first put it to use during the $3k Heads Up NL Hold'em / PLO Event tomorrow.Edit: Yay, I jinxed it - Marchese Busto.
  12. While I do agree, I decided to let it in until confirmation to give everyone who picked him a little sweat. But it just got weirder since the official chipcount was updated and now has him on 32k - pretty hard to win 11k when busto. Is there maybe a second Dan Kelly playing that I haven't heard of? The plot thickens ...Edit: And back to 21k, but suddenly Dan Smith appears on the board with 32k. Maybe they somehow confused the 2 Dans?
  13. Since I am sick at home, bored to death and not doing anything besides following the event on all sources I can find, I decided to do something useful and posted a list of all the players from the draft, sorted by groups, in the thread for Event #2. I will try to keep it updated, so everyone who wants to see how their players are doing can have a quick look:http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-forum/index.php?showtopic=146109
  14. Since I am sitting sick at home and not doing anything else than following Event #2 of the WSOP (official chipcounts and updates plus Twitter), I thought I might aswell provide a service for those who took part in the Fantasy Pool. So I will put all the players from the draft here and update how they are doing, sorted by groups. Lots of questionmarks atm since quite a few haven't shown up in the chipcount or in updates yet, I hope that will change. If there are chipcounts given for a player, those are the ones I got from the official site or Twitter and they might not be up to date. If you fin
  15. Found 10 of my picks so far in Event #2, but since Barry busted out already, I am back to 9. At least it seems as if Doc Sands and Sam Trickett are doing pretty good atm, not that it means much this early. GL to everyone!Edit: And back to 10 since Marvin Rettenmaier just joined, hopefully on a roll after winning the WPT.
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