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  1. Hello all.We were just talking about some of you weirdos, so we thought we should say hi... so hi.We are doing pretty well.. Lance just got a job at the Venetian dealing poker and I am about 8 months preggo now... her name is going to be Emily and should be arriving in early June. Katie is still a pretty darn cool kid. We moved into a nice house about a month ago (out of the ghetto, and I don't have to speak Spanish anymore!!) and we love it. Hope you all are doing well
  2. Thanks!June 18thDepending on my blood pressure I may be induced early, but so far my BP is good and the growth of the baby is right on track (with high blood pressure there is a risk of growth restriction).
  3. Hiya!I just felt the need to brag and keep a couple people here updated.. I had my big ultrasound today and we are having another girl!! She looks perfect so far.Katie is very excited, Lance is too, but might want to try for a third in a few years for a boy :-P
  4. Merry Christmas Army! :)Hope everyone is well..
  5. I am good, pregnancy is good, about 11 weeks now. Having some minor complications, high risk, blah blah, but everything is ok so far. If anybody cares, Katie loves the coors light commercial with that, she recites it all the time. I put one on youtube a while ago, its certainly not her best rendition, but its still kinda cute
  6. haha, nice to see I haven't been forgotten. This is the first post I see when I randomly clicked on the old bookmark out of boredom lolAnyways, hi!
  7. Hi guys.. sorry if I am butting in, but Lance asked me to find somebody that can do a $40 tilt to stars transfer and you guys are the only online poker people i know.. so if anybody can help me out IM me on msn (longinwaiting@hotmail.com) or aim longinwaitingThanks
  8. Nooooo!!Thanks to the handful of people who did not use question marks in their congratulations. :)Yes it is a good thing, No it was not an oops.Logan- it was great seeing you again on Friday, you look great!Hope everyone is well.
  9. sorry for lurking here, i never do but tonight i was exceptionally bored.but i saw this post and wanted to just say I know a lot about bone marrow harvesting and if renae or anybody has any questions to im/pm me... the testing is not painful, just a few tubes of blood for matching. The donating procedure isnt that bad considering other procedures and surgeries people go through. I am on the bone marrow donor list and hope to one day help somebody in need.Renae and Oz im sorry your sister and family has to go through this. My thoughts are with you all. I know it is very difficult. my cousin has
  10. Its nice to see some people never grow up....
  11. odd company here to be making this post to... but I just thought I would come here and say hi.We've had a few army members message us lately, so we just thought we would say hello. so.. hello. I hope everyone is doing well. We are really good... Katie is great, Lance is doing well at work, and my school is fantastic.I hope you all have a great trip here in a few weeks...
  12. ya know you can all just choke on a fucking dick. I dont need every.single.person saying shit like this. Even the people that I always backed up and thought were my supposed friends... And for future reference to all you people who apparently have never made jello before, YOU HAVE TO KEEP FUCKING JELLO in the fridge, otherwise it would MELT. It was in the back of the fridge wrapped in plastic wrap. She woke up this morning (when I wasn't even fucking HOME) didnt wake up lance, and went into the fridge, took everything out and ate maybe 2 tiny little pieces of jello. She was chipper and happy b
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