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  1. this guy seems pretty awful and i don't hate taking a flop against him deep w a suited ace closing the action hu here. check raise the flop for sure. what a cooler.
  2. game plays so freaking tight post flop vs the regulars that i am not a real big fan, but this game is ultra profitable vs poor players as you can peddle the nuts so easily... with the world series coming up i would add that there are some very good games that run at Rio...
  3. raise all day, bet bigger, you are going to want to bet bigger for vulnerable value hands on boards that you need to balance this often by betting bigger with bluffs, it is just an overall theme in your game when transitioning from nl to plo to size your bets larger in general. there are exceptions of course but bet bigger and gamble it up my friend it's a great game
  4. very easy fold but with a decent low to go with your kings you can jam and hope for a fold but be flipping or decent fav vs the vast majority of this late position raisers range when you get in...
  5. yes bet the turn and the flop is getting peeled as light as naked over cards in these games i would imagine... i wouldn't be folding most rivers... this one however is pretty ugly...
  6. i think that i am check folding the river, prob not bothering with this hand in the small blind if i am getting 3 bet much but that's whatever obviously
  7. very nice hand i think that your call on the end here should be pretty standard vs most opponents religiously flatting our 4 bets and your thought process rocks. you almost never have much of a hand here and i would expect many opponents in this dynamic to jam their entire range on this river. the texture of the flop and the high rundown nature of our hand really help me feel comfortable with a call like this and if he had tank jammed the river i would really be torn nh
  8. i don't follow most of the logic in the responses to this hand... on the turn we have a pretty marginal hand, we are getting scooped or quartered by most reasonable ranges giving the action. on the river we are scooping or quartering a decent amount and many hands that played well for high w marginal lows are going to check back when the flush hits and betting for value seems totally fine. i would strongly consider checking the turn in most games, our opponent grossly overplayed a hand that he never should have even been involved in so at this table or stake betting for value might be correct.
  9. we should never be folding this hand at any point, not to mention there is a third player chasing a low, we caught really nasty but in general if i just flat on 3rd street i am looking to raise later fwiw...
  10. definitely bet the turn, prob check call on the river looks standard. would always be betting or check raising turn depending on opponents even at much higher limits.
  11. please don't fold a2s to a button raise in the big blind, we can def fold the flop but vs an opponent who is opening extremely wide on the button his call on the flop actually isn't as ridiculous as it looks. villain expects us to bet our entire range on the flop and he also expects us to check back a ton of turns as so many hands in L08 are going to pick up equity on the turn as well as not know where they are at in the hand.
  12. folding after first draw is obviously terrible, but i would probably 3b this pre in position a good amount of the time to discourage the blinds and get a free draw occasionally when you want it. this could be an excellent spot for ewee to raise a smooth 1 card draw depending on the competency and tendencies of the players in the pot, if homecominkid is likely to pat a hand like 87 or even a 9 pre draw and ewee has shown the competence and creativity to raise here to put pressure on ewee's often weak hand and try to get you out of the pot, i would call here getting this price even though i woul
  13. THIS IS A VERY EASY FOLD PRE. after you call draw 3! 456 is almost never making a hand that is holding up to 4-5 way action. if you decide to get really creative in position vs a limp you might consider raising your hand pre trying to get it hu and then just drawing 1 to 4569 and essentially running a semi bluff, but i would rarely do something like that without a great image and never from this position.
  14. villain is never c/c c/c c/f with at here imo... u rep a big hand here pretty well actually but i don't think this works often enough either... because of this i think betting larger on the river for value is good, and keeping that consistent w a larger bet as a bluff would be better too although i wouldn't try it here
  15. i agree that there is a lot of value in raising this pre... i would add that vs an early position limp and competent opponents i think that limping behind on the button w some disconnected suited ace hands that don't flop well very often does have merit (although this situation does look like an easy raise). 200bb+ flatting the flop and jamming on a bunch of turn bets is worth discussion but this is a stack flop 100%.
  16. if we lead 6th why not c/r 5th? leading 6th seems fine but doesn't seem all that believable to me as played? checking 7th to keep a bluff in makes sense here.
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