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  1. so as of now its only stars that's safe?iPoker would be next on the list that I trust.Party and Merge are just horrible in terms of regulation, heard many people getting their BRs reset or taken away for no apparent reason
  2. Daniel has played in SCOOPs and WCOOPs, and the limit hold em challenge when he lost 75k to rUaBot
  3. just asking but how can you be sure that he's not holding A2?
  4. great thread so far as I'm reading it.Well, I've been running up my BR from freerolls to about $1k now, and still grinding it up on pokerstars. I'm going to try on other Euro sites this summer. Cash does not work too well because the rake is extremely high.
  5. well, it does that the Bible condemns "sexual immorality" or something along the lines of condemning one man sleeping with another man and vice versa for women.. That's as good as it gets. What you translate it to, I don't know.
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