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  1. Sorry if this has already been addressed. But I haven't seen any coverage of the side events, not the circuit events. Are they usually aired after the main event coverage?Thanks for reading.
  2. You know Turd, I was looking for "new" shows, not retreads of old stuff I can find on your amazing search engines. Thanks for your effort none the less.
  3. Are these all new? WSOP is old of course And did the new WPT season start airing? Thanks for the list. I saw the first two Poker Superstars, didn't know if 3 started yet.
  4. I haven't taped any poker shows in a long time and I came across some show last night with Farha, Negreanu etc. Are there any other new poker shows of any kind playing right now? WPT?Thanks for reading.
  5. I see very little difference. $10 players seem a little tighter and easier to bully. Otherwise, hardly noticeable.
  6. Just finished watching the WSOP event that Erik Seidel won. I keep hearing feedback about how masterfully he played. From the hands that I saw on the broadcast, only the 44's I believe were impressive. All the other plays, anyone in here would make. AA's over QQ's, that's a tough one. 88's vs 99's, sucking out, that's harder. Flopped nut straight going all in hoping Violette has an ace.Don't get me wrong, I'm sure he did play very very well to get to the final table and win it. Just looking at the 5 or so hands that he played on the final table though give no indication of anything.Flam
  7. I'm looking for some bloggers who regularly post some of their hand examples. Doesn't necessarily have to be someone in this forum.Thanks
  8. Where can I get info on playing poker with other FCP'ers? I also keep hearing about some playing limit for fun and other tournies. Sorry if the info is right in front of my face. Don't see it at the moment.Thanks
  9. If your opponent is all in then you are risking $5 to make $10. The final pot is $15, not $10. That being said. If the flush hits exactly 33% of the time by the river then this is an even money play. Two out of 3 times you lose $5 and you make $10 the one time out of three that you hit your flush. I think you are mixing percentages and odds up. They are just two different ways of saying the same thing.
  10. Zach, I was seeing a similar percentage of flops while working off a bonus on Empire and doing very poorly. I couldn't understand it. The players were fairly awful and I thought I was playing alright. The thing I realized later on was that for whatever reason the tables were tighter than how I recalled them in the past. Maybe this was because of the recent bonus. The extra hands I was used to playing were not being paid off nearly as big as before so my play was -EV. I still think you can play 25-30% on the typical donk tables where there are plenty of chasers and callers to give you the
  11. So let's say the OP makes the smaller preflop raise as suggested and gets two callers and bets the pot on the same flop and someone goes all in. Is betting less preflop superior because he is now not pot committed? He is saving money if he folds to the raise. He hit his hand. Would raising less preflop make it an easier fold or an easier call or what?
  12. LOL,How did I leave that out? I live in Parkland and get a bit forgetful
  13. Plenty of young'uns living in Boca now. Still some ancients though and plenty more in Boynton and Tamarac.
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