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  1. What an absolute mess of a hand. Well of course Deeb done no wrong and should win the main pot so the first ruling was stupid. The final ruling is a little more questionable though. Mosseri tabled his cards prematurely which normally would be a muck as it's up to the player to protect their own cards, however Yakovenko said nothing at this point and turned his own hand over, perhaps because of the extreme lenght of time that was taken to call he wasn't thinking straight, who knows? But the fact is both players made a mistake and it seems like Yakovenko is the one that got punished for it. I th
  2. People often don't realise the most important thing in poker is bankroll management. It sounds to me like this guy has a problem and needs help and atleast he's admitted as much. Everybody goes broke at least once, from the micro stakes grinders to the guys at the top of the money list. I very much hope he gets back on track and I'm sure at least some of his backers know this happens to the best of us and will cut him some slack or help him in some way. The poker community comprises of some of the most decent people on earth and sure, while there are some scum this guy clearly doesn't want to
  3. The most likely thing he has is overs and a flush draw but he may alse have a pocket pair and you're only dominating 33-66. Most of the time you're flipping or beat and you don't have much invested.. fold and wait for a better spot.
  4. That's a fair point, as you can probably tell i'm more of a single draw player so I don't hate lo 9s as much as I should lol. However in a multiway pot I'm always wary that they are all calling as they all have low cards meaning there are less to draw to improve my hand. I realise that's probably not the way you should think about it as you can never know that for a fact but it does stick in the back of my mind so in spots like this I'm happy to draw 2. Then again going by that thinking that's a good enough reason to fold the hand in the first place like you said before and don't let you chips
  5. Doesn't seem to be an aggressive table so calling pre is fine but I would maybe make a raise and just discard one of the 5s and see where I am from there like MIddLES said above but your way is fine too. On the second draw discard the 6. A 2 gives you the nuts and an 8 or 9 give you a decent pat hand that will win in a lot of cases. Maybe think of it as trying to give yourself a gut shot instead of an open eneded. Getting rid of the 3 means an 8 will give you another straight and even if you do get a 2 you don't quite have the nuts so it's not an optimal play.For a first time at it not bad tho
  6. The way I see it is if you're going to be sitting at a table playing poker for hours on end dress however makes you feel comfortable. Sure if you make a final table or are playing on a tv show you should make a little effort but I don't think you have to be suited and booted. What makes poker interesting is everyone is different and being yourself is something you should never sacrafice.
  7. Little bit unlucky with the way this hand went but I think you're problem lies after the flop.Pre-flop: He sounds to me like a fairly aggressive player so a 4BB bet on the button is pretty standard with a wide range, however we have to remember better aces are in this range. That said I would flat it too, don't wanna show weakness and let him push you around.Flop: Now, great flop for you with the combo draws meaning you have great equity most of the time. Check to the raiser and see what he does, we want some info on him. If he bets I'm probably shoving here, getting it in good most of the tim
  8. I actually like the open from the CO with the QT, gonna take it right there enough times to make it a proitable play. However when Soi 3-bets I imediately hate my hand and the button's flat makes me very suspicious (especially if you say he's an old player, makes me think tight ABC poker), I fold right here. Playing out of position with a hand that is almost always dominated in a spot like this is throwing good money after bad. It's good that you're taking into account the history with the other players but even if Soi is tilting the button is not making a move here enough times to justify a 4
  9. Well when the BB donk bets on the flop I'm confused, what kind of hands can just flat pre-flop in that spot on bet out with that board? Some kind of Jack maybe or exactly what he had, a combo draw. I'm not thinking set as why not check raise that. That makes it too dangerous to raise because a lot of the time you're crushed if he has KJ, AJ etc. but with what's almost always the best flush draw you can't fold so a flat here is the best option. When the turn comes a non-club 5 and he bets out again (just over half the pot I think?) I'm worried. I'm thinking maybe a straight draw came in (althou
  10. Wow, so many tough groups. Not gonna give away all my guesses but from the tougher groups heres my thoughts. Group 1 has to be ElkY though, Mr PCA is due for a good world series. Group 5 I gotta go for Chris Moorman, I think he's a very under-rated player and could do well. Group 6 full of legends but I gotta go with Juanda although very tempted to pick Seidel after the run he had last year. Group 7, where's Max Heinzelman? But yeh I expect Benny to go deep in some events. Group 9 seems tough but how can you not go for the triple crown winner? And finally Group 12 I expect most people to pick
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