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  1. the e mail alerts to replies are great for replies /reminders but i can see how you can be amused
  2. colour coding too definative i feel , if i 'red' him/her as aggro it may be just they have been getting hands that session and next time i play i call light and they have a hand ..do feel that my exploitable TAG style is way to go and be happy with showing a profit albeit there will be situations where I am 3 bet / floated etc out of winning hand..
  3. ban the birds, watched while wearing headphones and hurt my ears !!they are cute though .............
  4. HI, I am a new member here.(found you from link from twitter to Daniels video blog)I have been laid off work due to an injury received which affected my long term memoryThis has meant that I cant recall peoples names never mind previous hands playedI can recall some things after a week or so and most things for a few days but in a month its goneI use HEM now so i can see stats but forget / cant retain knowledge to exploit it fully so rely on the HUD onlyIf I watch a training video i forget it soon after and only when i watch it again do i get the deja vu feeling and sometimes total recall...Th
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