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  1. I still think the site that adds the option to "hide your name" will get a ton of players....Tracking software would still be allowed, and your own database will still give you all the info you need to analyze your own leaks, and track your win rate etc, but when you are seated at the table the other players just see you as "Player in Seat 3". They won't be able to accumulate any long term info on you. Allow for session stats (let the HUD's notice when one player leaves and is replaced by a new player in that seat). But no long term stats unless the player chooses to reveal his playername. Ju
  2. I don't necessarily agree that if he made a half pot bet on the turn, he will do so again on the river with a made hand.Playing from the villians perspective actually his all-in bet is a great move with a flush or even more so a fullhouse. If I have a boat on that board, I am often shoving that river too, looking to pick off flushes. A value bet is mostly only going to be called by sets and flushes. And those same hands are also likely to call for a full pot size+ bet.... Those hands are the ones mostly likely still hanging around after the turn - so get full value from them. The guy with the
  3. Original Poster,Don't worry about all these people criticizing your play. Everyone thinks the same way these days - "you have got to play premium cards. Fold a lot. Don't bother to see the flop unless you have a great starting hand" Well your not going to be making any money in a hand if you go and fold it preflop. I've heard it said that it is difficult to accept all-in without to see teh floop. But I say, you can't just be accepting to fold before you see teh fl0op!When everyone else is zigging - you gotta zag! They never see it coming. I think you should probably be playing something along
  4. This thread is the kind of thing that gets a cash game player thinking about playing some MTT's for a change!So umm, if someone could start a thread where you all post all the tournies you didn't cash in (along with the time spent before finding out you weren't going to be cashing). That would probably help to offset any lingering thoughts of signing up for a MTT!Thanks!
  5. [ ] Routine 1st post thread[ ] Typical Weak Gen - Pop Thread[X] Thread Delivers
  6. Put me in the camp with the people that check behind on that river. Nothing we beat is calling us. At best we get a split. What's the best hand that we beat flat out? K,K .... is K,K calling you here? umm, not unless he is an idiot (which he would have to be to have played K,K like that, LOL). More likely he would be holding like J,10 or something.
  7. I play 9 max exclusively.I have a few reasons for this:The first being that there is less variance playing 9 max - as others have pointed out at 6 max you have to play a wider range of hands and your opponents will be too, it's going to make for bigger swings.Another reason is that I can play more tables at one time at Full Ring then at 6 max (because I am spending more time folding and not playing Q,8suited from middle position.)And the final reason is that my natural game style is tight. 9 max allows me to play the range of cards that I am most comfortable playing. Ultimately, I think the ad
  8. when playing middle pair, I rarely act out of turn.
  9. i presume the first villian (the one in the CO) is actually the Hero?after the SB villian open shoves the turn, I would definitely go ahead and look at my cards. Might as well see what I have, since right now I don't know.
  10. Sklansky's NLHE theory and practice is sort of a middle of the range thing for cash games. Professional No Limit Hold em is another level deeper for cash games. Do not attempt until after reading and understanding sklansky theory books.the harrington books are an excellent resource for tourny players - with his Volume 2 perhaps being the most famous...I've read DN's latest book..., well - I sure like his website. seriously though, I guess it is good at a slightly more novice level and it is written in a very readable manner. For the Super System books, I agree they do give some fundamantels
  11. this is the least debatable sentence in this thread.
  12. I probably like the check call/check call line the best, but I was just thinking about other ways to play the hand.I'm going to throw some alternative thinking out into the mix, and examine some of the other possible paths for the hand by looking at the problem from a Stack to Pot Ratio perspective you got the SPR down to 5 on the flop(presuming he has you covered - and that by your original post you started the hand with 25K)...Is this low enough to commit against him with TPTK? I don't think so....Would this hand have played better with a bigger 3 bet preflop? raising his 600 to 3000 turns t
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