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  1. weight loss is down to 60 pounds. From 235 to 175. Still look fat with no shirt though. Can’t lose that last pudge.
  2. 90 seconds would be a marathon for me.
  3. That’s the ironic part, I actually do.
  4. I’ve had sex 12 times in the last 10 years.
  5. I’d say it’s her loss, but it really isn’t.
  6. The Fugitive is an all time great movie, there’s no doubt about that.
  7. Well it has to do with my surgery and her commenting that I’m very unhealthy. I lost of a lot strength, and experienced some erectile dysfunction - though I blame that on just not being fully back to normal since the surgery. Then when I got past that, it had been five years since I’d had sex, so I finished very quickly. she felt I should have told her before that it would happen. I said that’s not what I consider foreplay. It went downhill from there when I told her it was a problem I’ve had all my life, and she said she couldn’t trust me, and felt scammed. I was like what
  8. I don’t have much to report. I dated a girl for around one month but it has ended as it usually does, with her mad at me. The phrase “I feel scammed” was used by her and so that was the end of that. lost a little more weight. Down 50 pounds now, but still some to go before we look how we wanna look.
  9. Oh i see. So they turned it into a SJW jerk off?
  10. Why? I wasn’t a huge fan of the movie, but it’s okay. The show looks intriguing.
  11. Watching Sin City on Netflix. This was so far ahead of its time, so amazing.
  12. fvck the cardinals? i think not sir. best fans in baseball.
  13. great game, happy the brewers lost cause fvck them. redbirds just need to get past the braces, cause we beating LA. we own kershaw. number 12 needs to happen.
  14. y’all heard about almond milk? this is a game changer for me and cereal, which i haven’t been able to eat in ten years. unfortunately i’m old man now so i went with grape nuts over fruity pebbles, but still. the stuff they can come up with now. amazing.
  15. i had no idea about that reddit link.
  16. i’ll meet everyone in the place where there is no darkness.
  17. i got two big screen tvs, life couldn’t be better.
  18. you’re forgetting about my personality, but that’s certainly the hope.
  19. two sides of the same idiot coin for sure
  20. i’m the pure good sweet delicious stuff. and can’t nobody deny it.
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