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  1. day 55 of house arrest. I’m looking at luxury watches now, thinking get one now while money still has some value. That way I’ll look good when I arrive on time for the breadlines.
  2. 250 billion demerits. I’m sending you straight to thread jail. To have crimson tide and unstoppable that low is CRIMINAL
  3. I had one. Never used it and gave it to my mom. She loves it though.
  4. We had to lock down in March because we did not yet know what we were dealing with. I agree with that 90%. But we have enough data now to know how to move forward and to talk lockdown of all ages is not it. the problem i see is we are so stupid as a nation, so we will not really learn from this. And if there is a virus in ten years that can kill anyone that gets it within days we’ll be ****ed, and Tens millions will die. People don’t trust the government and the government gives them no good reason to do so. Sad all the way around, but common sense is not found in Washington, on either si
  5. 1 million dead in the USA? I just don’t see how that is possible. The antibody testing and asymptomatic numbers at places like the meat plant here in Missouri tell a different story. I actually think we’re doing ourselves a disservice if we don’t get herd immunity during the summer. All those who want to stay in should do so, but anyone under 45 and with no known medical conditions needs to face this now. do that, and combine it with better care in nursing homes and we can get through this quicker and I think less painful than if we keep this up. There’s a human cost to losing 20 million
  6. the corona is nothing compared to the virus in the movie was my point. If there was a virus killing children and otherwise healthy young people at a high clip it would be pure chaos. Corona is not that.
  7. They put ‘Contagion’ on HBO streaming. Good movie. I think they underplayed they rioting angle because If there was actually a pandemic where millions were dying and food ran out the rioting and killing would get pretty bad.
  8. I bought blue light glasses; and have been wearing them basically the entirety of my waking day. Been sleeping a lot better lately.
  9. JK simmons? Huge hog? Now you’ve got my attention.
  10. JK simmons? Huge hog? Now you’ve got my attention.
  11. I’m fine with trump because he’s mostly bluster, and the hysteria about his comments by the media is the media’s fault. Life goes on, and in the end people will be better off ten years from now than they are today because of technology. So we can sit here and cry about how the world isn’t perfect and pretend that began with trump being elected, or we can forge ahead, make the best of life, help those you care about and be free in the best country in the history of countries. that doesn’t even get into my feelings about courts, which make it worthwhile. But that’s mostly cocaine mitch
  12. I always knew Strat was sharp as a tack. Trump talks non stop and is a joke, but his policies arent anything we haven’t seen before.
  13. If he picks Stacy abrams he isn’t in the middle anymore as her only qualification is being a far left propaganda tool for voter supression. Biden can earn my vote, but he needs to be the joe Biden of the last 40 years, not a guy trying to appease twitter socialists.
  14. I think the narrative on Biden is mostly overblown by a media that is so far left they wanted an avowed socialist to be president. He is old, yes, but he’s fine. And he won’t be doing much anyways. I’m dissapoimted he has embraced the further left policies, as I was going to vote for him if he stayed in the middle lane. Hopefully he will pivot to the middle. It’s all he has to do to win.
  15. You’re generalizing me so I generalized you to all the other Twitter progressives who equate modern times and trump to hitler. I mean you came in saying if you care about people, you gotta hold your nose and vote Biden. I mean jesus christ man get a grip. As though voting for trump is a vote to murder every non white person.
  16. Haha, okay man. Keep thinking everyone who disagrees with you is hitler, it’s working out so well.
  17. You guys been reading a lot of vox, huh?
  18. Stay strong brother. You gonna whip this things ass, whatever it is.
  19. I hear ya. He trashed Imos and I love Imos. But I’m a huge fan. I think he’s hilarious.
  20. Even ordered my ITS ONLY MONEY sweatshirt to support team Portnoy
  21. im doing fine. I mean I’m the same. But I have discovered barstool. Not sure how I never watched their stuff before. Big fan of el presidente. One bite, everyone knows the rules. Watched like 100 of the pizza reviews.
  22. Finally watched the revenant. Holy shit this movie is boring. Looks great but the movie kind of sucks.
  23. This social isolation thing ain’t so hard, been preparing for it for 15 years. It’s the no sports to watch that is really awful. If I’m the NBA I’m taking over Vegas and getting games up and running. The ratings would be enormous. Huge benefits. Figure it out for the love of god.
  24. Like everything else in my life I didn’t follow through and remain a loser.
  25. Stay safe, nap. I’ll bet you’re fine. My hypochondria flared up early but I got past it. Kansas City locked down at least 30 more days. I’m trying to remain positive, but I don’t think I can take 3 months of this. At work, they are making everyone work from home except the “critical” team, which is two people per week, switching every other week. I have to go in this week, then stay home next week, then back the following week. This feels like a punishment, but I think I need it to make sure I have to get up and get going.
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