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  1. I remember when you gave me that tough love and made a man out of me.
  2. Glad you made it through to the other side, brvy. things are good for me. Life goes on, much as it has this past age.
  3. No quesadilla for me, I’m off bread. I always get a bowl, no rice. you still with us brvy?
  4. Speaking of eating, you’d think after the first 2500 times I had chipotle I’d grow tired of it. But you’d be wrong. It’s still orgasmic every time.
  5. get well soon brvy and family! with my aunt she didn’t go to ER soon enough and has been the hospital for 7 weeks, so like they said be diligent and go in if you’re feeling bad .
  6. I demand to be entertained and Mr Z needs to deliver.
  7. Ronny ruined the thread, not my fault! but there’s literally nothing happening. I did rearrange the furniture in my apartment. Which was fun. Killed and evening last week. But with no more regular cable I could move the tv to in front of the window and open up a lot of space. So now I’m shopping for a new sofa. work is the same as ever. Boring and awful. But it pays the bills. im at the casino playing a little poker right now. Just like to get out of the house some nights. Working from home can drive a man crazy.
  8. Well normally I agree, but like I literally put the cash in my brokerage account, and put in an order to buy. But I got greedy. I should own the those shares. I fvcked up big time.
  9. I don’t care for this accusation
  10. I must have missed him advocating to eliminate the filibuster entirely and turn north doakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming into 6 states so republicans could remain in power forever.
  11. Ronny you gotta mellow out. Aren’t you enjoying work from home?
  12. His incompetence is breathtaking. No response to this was going to be perfect but it’s shocking how terrible he was. Seemingly far and away the worst of any governor.
  13. You were out of line, that’s for sure. Try relaxing and chilling out bro.
  14. I’m at harrahs most weekends these days, so I’ll be there if you stop by. But I warn you, I expect a hand job.
  15. That’s cause for most girls on there they just want some attention. Not much different than women in real life.
  16. When I saw Berkey say Doug is like a pro wrestler online I knew they wouldn’t be heated in person. They’re showman. I thought it was funny how people expected them to be throwing hate in person.
  17. Mostly if I cite cnn I’m doing it to make a point that media bias runs as far left as people claim Fox News runs right. I don’t recall specifics though. inthe case of corona I would be doing it to say this is the worst they can come up with and it’s not even that bad because...
  18. you think we’ll know who won on election night?
  19. Yeah I don’t give a shit that she got her hair done. She’s the fvckin speaker of the house. I think her politics suck but who cares about her hair.
  20. There’s that trump derangement syndrome. You’re gonna have a stroke when he wins again. but no I don’t believe it. Maybe I will when the fabled pee tape makes it into the press. You probably bought that one too. Maybe the kavanaugh gang rape stories. Keep believing it all man.
  21. even if that is true what do you suggest we do, shut down society forever? Because we won’t know the actual effects for years. second, athletes can catch Covid when not playing sports, so the sport is not inherently more dangerous than not playing, unless everyone is confined to their homes by an authoritarian government - which ain’t gonna happen. So let the people decide. and that response reminds me of the standard response when a hate crime turns out to be fake - well yeah it was total bullshit but the conversation is what really matters because it COULD have been true
  22. Classic fake news. Had to walk that one back sooner than usual too.
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