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  1. I like limping with this hand in early position and then absorbing a raise and then seeing a flop. In that case we would have gotten a standard three bet raise from KK with no action in front of him. We see the flop - if we slam it we can stack him off. If we miss we get away cheaply. But that's just me.
  2. To 10K after your raise says monster to me. I would just fold the suited Ace to his raise and avoid all the EV pot odds calculations.
  3. What is IKE betting this flop with? Is he really betting in to Daniel with three diamonds and no diamond or no King? Basically risking his tournament life on a continuation bet with no hope of winning to a DN check raise? I don't see how we can't narrow his range on his bet to any king or any diamond draw. In those situations he's committed and will make the bet. Otherwise I think he checks back to Daniel and maybe gives up the hand to a turn bet. And if we do narrow his range significantly we are behind and then a check/fold is probably the better play here. As it stood Daniel was in fact beh
  4. Are you putting these hands that dominate you at 5% because he bets on the flop to your check? If so how do you arrive at that %? The way I would look at it - of course he can have a pretty wide range with a cut-off bet pre-flop. But I would think he would bet any K diamond kicker here after the flop and check any hand that at least does not contain a king or a high to medium diamond. It's a terrible spot (in my opinion) to continuation bet without at least a king or a diamond. It opens up a check raise and could put him in a tough spot if he's weak. So my post-flop read on a check/bet would
  5. I'm not liking this at all. If you're going to take this approach on a flop like this why not just shove pre-flop when you have real fold equity? You're dominated by any K with a diamond kicker better than an 8, a huge dog to any two diamonds higher than an 8, a significant dog to any flush, and against any KX you're a slight (8 or under) to huge dog (8 or better) to any non-diamond kicker. Again post flop if you're taking this stand why not just shove the flop out of position? Again with fold equity. Anyway I would never in a million years play this hand the way you did. I probably shove pre-
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