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  1. this special was sure fun... lost a bankroll just to try to keep the bonus up, unlucky enough to get 1 hit on a hand / hour?!?! rly and any bluff got called and killd, and still havnt got the milestone hand :/ love that day
  2. I don't feel that normal cash games gives me any, since i go up and down and up, basicly stays in same cash level, i think any way that you go + will be the right way, zoom cash or tournament if u get close or to the final tables, zoom is now my way.
  3. Hello there, sweden reporting in, the long country yes, no thats norway:o. We are right next to it! damn we swedes loves that joke ^^ btw, the blond stunning babes, there's not so many. Anyways, just saw that there was an introduction post so had to say hi!, hi!
  4. I do usually count outs, but i do forget to do so sometimes, but when i see a KK in my hand and someone bets all in and i wont go broke on it, i feel like it's worth a shot, never thought he had 67 and got the str on the river but that was already an all in, but mabye i shouldnt call all in's b4 i know it's safe :/ After that one, i tried the same tactic many times, no hit so far and the money keeps ticking down, but i guess everyone loses before they can become good players, i 've still got alot left to learn^^ If i find some interesting hands i'll post, but that was some time ago and loads o
  5. Governator i have to give you cred, that style you played is perfect, i had 89, bord came 106A 7 A and i knew directly that he had 3A he wasnt gonna fold, so i just went all in, instant call thanks alot!
  6. Yes, i though about playing the low suited connectors too, but most of the time, when i go low, high cards come and when i get my AKs everything else shows up, just lost big, all in preflop, well he all in, just 1/3 of my stack.. he had 67o, and i KK that lucky ass got 89xx5.. fml i say^^, but i found out that i want to play post flop, and in everygame people raise, so i just play passive, if i hit, i play hard and if it fails i just lost 4BB, and it have worked so far.Bluffing in this game is somehow pointless, every raise have a caller and if i have nothing i will lose alot since they call w
  7. The enoying part is when someone plays 44 aggressive like hell and hits the 4 on the turn or the river making my AK pair useless... got monsterhand AKs and get 2 on the flop, and ****ing hell i cant get the last one ever... my luck runs out
  8. anyone got some tips for me in this hell called zoom?, just cant get any hands, not even pair it up in the flop, if i try to bluff they just quickly calls it and all... help much needed indeed
  9. just scared the shit out of myself^^ was so gonna fold but accidently called 90% of my pot, luckly i got my Ace at the river ended up dubbling my stack up^^ poker is gonna make me crazy someday
  10. Very grateful for all the replies, really good tips! ^ ^ **** i'm gonna win a tournament soon! hopefully xD
  11. i tryed to play agressive when i had some kind of hand, a small raise of 4 BB preflop, almost every raise got reraised with an all in.. though id go all in when i had AA, that was the end of my play :/ just don't get how some are able to get like 80k ships when i try to survive at 12k.. they bet on luck or wth :/
  12. Yes im using HEM atm, but havnt gathered much data yet, just got it. the 49 hands was just in a single tournament on stars, just got to 1000 ppl left in the 100K tournament, still figuring out if im to passive and if i sould be more aggressive, since i basicly stay on a very low chip stack. damn those maniacs (sorry for spelling).
  13. Under current Hold'emsession you got 49 hands and saw flop: - 2 to 6 times the big blind (33%) - 1 of 6 times in the small blind (16%) - 8 out of 37 times when the other positions (21%) - A total of 11 of 49 (22%) Pots won in display - 5 of 5 (100%) Pots won without a showdown - 2at an tournament atm, is this stats good or should i be more agressive?
  14. Is this room only for micro cash games or tournaments aswell? or anyone can tip me on a newbie session in the forum?^^
  15. Hi Daniel, just wanted to say thanks, you tought me alot about this game, hopefully i can face you at an final table sometime (not very likely) xDTho i wish there were more people like you with your humor at the tables, always fun to watch.
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