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  1. Very nice. $10 per 200 VPP clear rate, this is pretty much free money for any regular grinders.
  2. Ultimatum: Make out with Annie Dook or I drown a basket of kittens.What is your play?
  3. Quad Jacks has a lot of regular shows. The Mental Game of Poker is the most popular one on there. I also recommend the Poker Gossip Show. Cash Plays for cash game strategy. Poker Eh for Canadians. Konvict Korner for Aussies.A regular podcast put out by Cardrunners is The Rabbit Hunt and is mostly poker news and discussion.PokerNews Strategy regularly have some sharp pros talking cash game and tournament strat.Filthy Limper Radio for more news and discussion.
  4. There is a change to how to Player Of The Series prizes are awarded this year.There will now be separate leaderboards for Low, Medium and High. Previously if you wanted to have any chance with the TLB you would have to play in all of them. Now even players who are only bankrolled for the low events have a chance of winning something big, top prize is a PCA package.All the info on the PokerStars Blog
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