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  1. Hockey? What is this hockey you speak of?
  2. Don't have a question Daniel. Just wanted to say hi. From Peterborough Ontario, just up the road from your old stomping grounds.Wanted to say I supported you with your rift with the "other" site.Had problems there myself today with know it all mods and young guys that live on the forums and have no other life. I asked for a self "life ban", so I decided to join you here.Hope all is well.Jim
  3. Hello one and all.Just joined up.....get sick of the young pups and mods at the "other" site that think they are gods. Won't name names but the pharse "BanHammer" might give it away. I actually posted in their ban me...to ban me for life, lol. Really tired of it.I am 55 years old. Play micro's online, fairly seriously. Have a coach, working up limits, studying hard.From Peterborough Ontario, just up the road from DN's home town of Taranta....LOLHope I enjoy it here and look forward to meeting some of you.Hope you are not all younguns here...LOL
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