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  1. You are a moron. Stop posting.
  2. Notice he put "Rumor", no need to act like a dumbass.
  3. It may be expensive, but it's also ugly.
  4. Jfarrell, this shouldn't even be a question.
  5. Some special on Stacked is up next on MTV (2am EST), not sure if it's been aired before, but it's on in a minute or two....
  6. *Raised* But only for like a block and a half.
  7. If the 10k didn't mean anything to me, I'd pick the lesson, but for me right now, I'd have to go with the 10k seat.
  8. That guy is a NERD. A nerd with a lot of money...
  9. Really, we shouldn't be able to post unless we're logged in...Oh, that was me above.
  10. Just consider it rakeback. All the people's bankrolls party has destroyed with there new blackjack, it serves them (Party) right.
  11. Kdawg, are all the Full Tilt Pros calling it quits on the WPT?
  12. Cool. Thanks. So PartyPoker will deposit directly into the accounts of underage players with no questions asked??Well, I think they might ask you your age, but "someone" could easily lie and get their money deposited.
  13. Not knowing the whole story was bugging me, now that it's out there I'd say it's worth about $100 to me, now wheres the other half of my rakeback?
  14. Also awaiting a rakeback payment, but I'm sure when Jayson gets back he'll make good. And if he doesn't, I'm sure we can all get a pool going, and raise enough money for a hitman. :-)
  15. How does that work anyways??? I mean how can you get someone rakeback when they already have an account, does FullTilt know about it, or is it like against the rules?
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