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  1. High Stakes Poker Questions:1. In the hand vs. Sammy where you showed a card, why did you show the card. I remember reading or hearing you say nobody reads Sammy as well as you, but if that is so then why not just raise? If you know he is weak why not just raise? Were you showing off a little or does showing one make Sammy scared of looking silly but calling when he is possibly drawing dead?2. Who of the following players do you find the hardest to read and why? Dwan, Antonius or Benyamine.3. Do you prefer to run it once or twice and why? In certain situations is it advised to run it 3 or 4 times?4. In High Stakes Poker there have been ridiculously tough tables on a few occasions, so why would you ever straddle? Surely it has to be -ev? On a side-note, why couldn't you leave Robl alone for not straddling? Surely its optional.5. Do you think you'd do better or worse if the show had the same format as the Big Game. I mean no Cannon but pre-flop its pot-limit and post-flop its no-limit.Other poker:1. Best or worst mis-click online?2. Favorite Casino outside of Vegas?3. Favorite in Vegas?4. Erick Lindgren did a tour of his home on Cardplayer ages ago and on the tour it showed Harrington on Hold'em on the coffee table. Have you ever or do you read any poker books to try to get into the minds of other players, kinda learning how others think about the game?

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