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  1. I think I would have played it basically the same. With the bet of 400 on the flop the guy is saying "Hi, I have a king. Take your straight or flush draws and go home" Now you have the choice of smooth calling or raising. If you smooth call you are saying "Hi, I have either a flush or straight draw." Now the problem with saying that, of course, is if you hit your flush draw on the turn he will fold. However this also gives you the ability to bluff at a straight if the third straight card falls. But if you miss both the straight and flush cards you can be sure he will make it too expensive for
  2. Did Janet Jackson have something to do with this forumn crackdown?
  3. guess barry explains it like emerton said.
  4. hmm it says it wants a accoutn code? where do i get this code? just typing in my account name when i try to register doesnt work...
  5. I would have played it exactly the same, and lost to the 8 on the river.
  6. you have 1/3 of your stack invested. If you fold you are left with 2000 chips. If you call and loose you are left with 900. With a good chance at hitting the nuts you have to call here.edit: by the way the pot is laying you much better than 5:1 you're way off with that number.
  7. imo you made one mistake. However, I don't think the mistake mattered, I think you were going broke here no matter what you did.The mistake you made imo was not pushing the flop. However, it wouldn't have mattered, I think he definately would have called you here anyway.I have found the way I bust people in tournies most often is when I flop a set and they are holding AK and they flop an ace or king. When the blinds are at a decent leve it is very hard to get away from ak when you've flopped tptk. Most players with ak who flop an ace or king will bust out to a set. You should have pushed the f
  8. I think folding this flop in low limit holdem is a pretty big mistake. A case could be made for folding the turn after he bet into you there, but I think I'd call it down.
  9. first hand it was correct to fold preflop. Second and third hands should both have been folded preflop. Your preflop game is weak. If you are serious about poker you should buy Small Stakes Hold 'em by Ed Miller, the best book out there for small stakes games imo and it will tell you what works preflop and what doesn't. It would be a good start for you.
  10. From the betting it looks like he made his hand on the river to me, so I'd guess 79s or maybe 23diamonds. I'm guessing he made either a flush or second pair on the river, or maybe even was holding 99. Yup, donks like this can be painful.
  11. 1. QKo in EP2 (UTG folded)call2. 22 in MP2 (all folded to you)raise3. 10 10 MP2 (faced with a raise, no callers yet)reraise to see if you are dominated. (You didnt say what position put in the raise.)4. 42s SB (1 limper)call5. AQs CO (Facing 3 cold...Raise, reraise, no cold callers yet)easy fold6. ATo MP2 (all folded to you)raise7. 77 UTGDepends on the table. Loose table call, tight table probably fold.8. 78s CO (4 people limp, 5th guy raises)call9. QKs SB (MP1 raises, 2 cold callers)Call looking for 2 pair or better, Be aware good chance you are dominated and your top pair will likely be no g
  12. On the surface with what little information I have I'd say you played better than him. He was playing the cards. You were playing the cards AND the player, and that is what makes a good player. Or maybe you just got lucky this time
  13. I don't see how taking 8.5-1 when you generally need 15or16-1odds(with implied odds for later streets) is a +ev play, explain your position much better because he only got 4 BBs out of me. If this is a five way then it might workhe has a 4% chance to hit his set on the turn. the pot is 8.5 small bets. so approximately 20 times out of 21 he is going to pay 1 small bet and lose 1 small bet for a total of 20 small bets paid and lost.the 1 time he does hit his set, with a KQ on board and knowing you raised preflop, he can be very confident you will bet into him. So he got 3 BB from you on the turn
  14. Nothing wrong with the flop, but I probably would have slowed down on the turn and called it down. I'm guessing you're beat by a full house.
  15. Although 88 wasn't the hand I expected him to have, I think button played this hand very well. With 8.5 small bets in on the flop, if he knew he could collect a bet if he hit his set on the turn, it was worth calling one small bet on the flop to draw to his set.
  16. true, but even novices usually know to raise to the hilt with AA. Failing to limit the field with AA is usually a big mistake.
  17. I wouldnt expect it to be AA, if it is he made a mistake by not re-raising pre.If your read is right I think you played it perfectly. He could have any number of things, but I'm betting the luck-sack beat you on the river with either a flush, full house, or trips.
  18. I'd probably have pushed here too, unless I had some kind of read on the raiser that dictated otherwise. Short-stacked with big blinds closing in, it is time to gamble and you figure to be the favourite here most of the time.
  19. I like it, assuming you are confident you can get him to do what he did on the turn. I wonder how you would have done if a fourth heart dropped, could you have gotten away from ace of hearts?
  20. With my read on this player as tight aggro, I would probably fold this hand preflop to the reraise. You won the pot but imo you made a mistake preflop.
  21. eh... so by this logic you would give extra points to someone to could always beat Daniel in $2 buy-in events?I think Daniel's numbers speak for themselves.
  22. anyone know a place with torrents for the wpt shows?
  23. erp! For some reason I misread the quiz question and when i replied here I thought you were both equal in chips with huge blinds forcing a confrontation soon. I guess im dyslexic because when i read it i thought it was 7k vs 7k not 7k vs 72k. Maybe I should have read the other replies before I made mine. Anyway, being outchipped like that and with blinds so big, yeah I'd definately push here and I agree with gus that is was a mistake not to call, though I don't think it was a terrible mistake.Maybe it was my brain failing to read the extra zero on the end of antonio's stack, how could Daniel b
  24. I'd probably fold here and push on the next hand to steal back my blind. I don't like risking my tournament on a coin-flip, but with the blinds this big it is basically inevitable. Still, I have found myself in this situation before and I have folded in this spot then pushed the next hand. This generally continues, one person pushing the other folding until someone wakes up with a decent enough hand to call... so I guess in that respect it still boils down to a coin-flip, who will wake up with a good hand first. Of course Gus would say it was a mistake, he lives for coin-flips. I'd probably wa
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